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Terms and Conditions


Students interested in on-campus housing at Jackson State University must complete a housing application. Students understand that he or she must be a registered student at JSU in order to live on campus and agrees to complete the registration process by the official last day of registration.  Student agrees to withdraw from the residence hall if registration is not completed and understands that he or she will be charged for the duration of time that he or she elected to live in the residence hall. Students understand that he or she is requested to present proof of insurance upon date of check in.


Student agrees to pay for on-campus housing and meal plan in accordance with established payment schedule of University as published in JSU publications or memoranda.

A non-refundable housing application fee of $100.00 is assessed to all first-time students who choose to live in campus housing. Returning students who signed a housing application before 2015 are under terms that do not require additional payment for housing for the duration of their residence at Jackson State University; however a $75.00 non-refundable room reservation will be assessed to all returning students each academic year.

Housing during the winter break is not covered in the basic fee paid by Student and should such housing be provided to Student during these times an additional cost to Student will be assessed.


a)      If a student does not return for the Spring semester, it does not necessarily mean he/she has canceled the nine-month contract. A student must be participating in co-op, internship, student teaching, or a student exchange program, graduating (in December), has become married, withdrawing from JSU, transferring to another college, or show extraordinary circumstances in order to cancel a contract for the Spring semester. All students who request canceling the lease agreement must have the proper documentation which proves the basis for the cancellation, which may be denied at the University’s discretion. Students getting married must furnish proof of marriage.

b)      Residents may submit cancellation requests by obtaining and completing a Residence Hall Release in the residence hall in which you reside. Note: All requests for cancellations must be made before the Housing/Residence Life Office closes for the holidays. The contract will be binding for students who check into the residence hall after the residence hall is open for the semester or summer session.

Room Accommodations

a)      University reserves the right to house students in single or double occupancy situations as it deems appropriate based on current circumstances, and Student will be assessed room fees based on such occupancy.

b)      University will provide basic room furnishings, including, a bed with mattress, study area with chair and closet space.

c)      In the event Student’s roommate moves from assigned room, Student agrees that he/she may be assigned a new roommate or, in the alternative, Student agrees to an increase in the room rate if he or she remains in the room as a single.

d)      Residence hall and room assignment may be changed or canceled by University, in the interest of order, health, discipline, maximum utilization of facilities, disaster, or emergency.

e)      Acceptance of this License Agreement by University does not guarantee Student an assignment to a particular room or any type of accommodation.

f)       Students who live in suite-style residence halls are responsible for cleaning the suite. This includes the bathrooms, living room area, kitchenette, and their bedroom. Failure to keep the suite reasonably clean and free of damage will result in a fine.

Damage to Property

Student understands and agrees that in the event of loss or damage to University property in the assigned room or for loss or damage in the common area caused by student that said Student shall be liable for damages.  Student(s) agrees that damages to common areas, when the responsible party is not known, shall be assessed to each student who lives in the residence hall on a pro rata basis.

Inspection of Room

University will conduct room inspections for emergencies, maintenance, inventory, health and safety inspections, or to enforce appropriate regulations which further the educational mission of the University. Student further understands that failure to keep room reasonably clean and orderly may result in disciplinary charges.  By agreeing to this lease, Student consents to any such inspections by appropriate University officials.

Postal Services           

Students shall receive mail through the Campus postal system and will be assessed a fee for post office box rental each school semester. Student further understands all students who reside on campus are required to have a post office box. Campus mail may be delivered by the residence hall staff.

Meal Membership

The student understands by signing this License Agreement he/she will automatically be enrolled in the University meal plan program which is required for all students who reside on campus. Student further understands that the meal membership does not cover or apply during fall break, winter break or spring break.

Students understand that meal plans may be changed at the beginning of each semester by contacting Sodexo Dining Services. First-time full-time freshmen are not allowed to change their meal plan. Tiger bucks may be used on campus at the Heritage Dining, Chick-fil-A, Library Cafe', Pizza Hut and Burger King. Unused Tiger Bucks are non-transferable or refundable. Students understand that summer meals may only be obtained by contacting Sodexo Dining Services.

Termination of License Agreement

a)      This Agreement may be terminated by either party for the following reasons:

b)      failure to report for room assignment within 48 hours of designated reporting date;

c)      mutual agreement;

d)      complete voluntary withdrawal from University by Student;

e)      expulsion or suspension of Student by University officials;

f)       suspension from the residence hall by Housing and Residence Life; or graduation.

Any termination of this License Agreement will be subject to the refund policy of the Housing Department.  It is agreed that any debts or liabilities arising under this lease will survive the termination of the License Agreement.

Removal of Personal Property

Student understands that he or she is responsible for removing all personal belongings from the residence hall once the lease agreement is terminated. The University and Housing Department is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the residence hall. The room must be vacated no later than 24 hours after the student’s suspension or last exam or by the time the residence halls officially close.


The University will not indemnify (be responsible for) third parties who cause loss or damage to Student’s property.  Nor will the University be liable for damage to or loss of the student’s personal property due to failure or interruption of utilities or loss due to laundry equipment, fire, sprinkler system, flood, storm damage or theft. Nor does the University assume responsibility for missing property due to unlocked room doors, lost room keys, or room keys that are loaned by the student. Students are encouraged to obtain insurance.

Neither the University nor the Housing Department assumes any responsibility for personal belongings left in the residence hall, nor do they assume any responsibility for personal belongings left by the student for improper check out, or for failing to remove their belongings from the residence hall upon departure.


The University is not liable for damage to or loss of student personal property. Insurance to cover loss of or damage to student personal property is an individual responsibility. The University strongly encourages students to purchase fire/theft insurance for the term of this Agreement. The Housing Department will provide students with information regarding fire/theft insurance for students upon request.


Student agrees that by signing this License Agreement he/she will be subject to the Housing Department and Residence Hall policies, procedures, rules and regulations, in addition to any other applicable University policies.  Failure to abide by said rules and regulations may result in disciplinary sanction, including, residence hall eviction, University suspension, expulsion, or imposition of a monetary fine.  Student understands that if evicted from the residence hall for any reason, or suspended from the University, he/she must request in writing for approval to move back on campus by the Executive Director of Residence Life/Housing prior to applying for student housing. Copies of these rules and regulations may be found in the Student Handbook and Academic Planner, Jackson State University Housing Web site, and Resident Student Handbook. The Student further understands and agrees that vandalism, destruction of University property, practical jokes, alcoholic beverages and containers, drugs and weapons will not be tolerated in the residence halls.

The student agrees to give the University permission to release the following information, name to the individual who will be assigned as my roommate. I understand that the University assumes no liability for honoring my instructions. I further understand that acceptance of this application does not constitute a guarantee of a residence hall room or admission to the University. I understand that room assignments are assigned as space is available. I understand that no room assignment will occur until I have been admitted to the University and paid the application fee. I further understand that if I am not admitted to the University, or decide to not attend JSU, the $100 application processing fee will not be refunded.

If the student is 17 yrs old or younger, the parent’s signature indicates that the parent agrees to be fully bound to all obligations of the student under the application.

Jackson State University is committed to the principles of equal educational opportunity, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action. The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, physical disabilities, age, religion, national origin, or veteran status pursuant to the requirements of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or any other applicable statutes.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

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