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Residence Life


Living on campus can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The Department of  Housing and Residence Life at Jackson State University offers a variety of programs to meet our students’ needs.  We encourage you to become involved in all of the activities available!

Learn more by reviewing the FAQ below to answer questions you may have about Residence Life at JSU.


When do I find out who my roommate will be?

Log into your PAWS account to view your roommate information. These details are also available on your THD Self-Service Portal.

What is included in each room?

Alexander East, Alexander West, Dixon, Stewart, and Transitional:
Each room has two twin beds (XL mattress), two desks, two closets, two dressers, two nightstands, and mini blinds.

Campbell College North and Campbell College South Suites:
One twin XL bed, one desk and chair and closet are included in each room. The common area of each 4 bedroom suite includes a full-size refrigerator, one table with four chairs, and a couch.

University Pointe:
Buildings 1-3 have XL Twin beds, Buildings 4-10 have XL full-size beds, full kitchen with dishwasher, and washer dryer unit.

Can I bring my own mini-fridge and microwave?

Yes. Students are allowed to bring refrigerators (must not exceed 4.2 cubic feet) and microwaves (must not exceed 1,000 watts).

Are there any appliances that are not allowed to be brought on-campus?

Yes. Please read the student handbook for prohibited items. Electrical appliances including but not limited to personally-owned air conditioners, washers and dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, extra refrigerators/freezers, exterior aerials, antennae, Wi-Fi routers or satellite dishes; open-coiled appliances such as toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, electric grills with exposed coils, etc., or space heaters; halogen incense.

Are single rooms available?

Single rooms are guaranteed in the following areas: Campbell College North, Campbell College South, and University Pointe buildings 4-10. If space is available in other residence halls during the semester, we will assign single rooms.

Are ADA options available?

Yes. If you are interested in seeking ADA accommodations, please reach out to our ADA department by emailing

What is the size of the rooms?

All residence hall rooms on our main campus are approximately 10′ x 12′.

May I install carpet in my room?

No; however, area rugs are welcome for decorating and personalizing your room!

May I paint my room?

No. Our Maintenance Department handles all of the painting in the residence halls. If you feel that your room needs painting, inform your Community Director , and he/she will evaluate the room. After evaluating the condition of the room, the Community Director  will make a request to the Maintenance Department for the room to be painted, if needed.

If I have a maintenance issue in my room, how do I report it?

To report any maintenance issues, please scan the QR code located at the front desk of your residence hall, and complete the form in entirety. If your maintenance request is an urgent request, please speak with your Community Director after submitting the request to ensure that he/she is aware of the problem immediately. 

Do I have to be on the meal plan?

The meal plan is required for all students who reside on campus during the academic school year. Please click here to visit the Dining Services webpage for meal plan options. 

Is there Internet service available in the rooms?

Yes, Internet service is available in all residence hall rooms. Student computers should meet minimum recommended specifications.

  • CPU 1GHz • RAM 128MB
  • Hard Drive 10-GB • Network card (NIC) and RJ-45 cable
  • Operating system Windows 2000 or higher
  • Up-To-Date anti-virus software

Please note students are responsible for purchase and installations of software on their computers. JSU Support Service Personnel will not work on a student’s computer. Computers must be free of illegal downloads, such as music, movies, etc.

Do you have cable?

Each room is equipped with cable, provided by Xfinity Stream. We do not supply cable or HDMI cords. To access the cable available in your residence hall, please log in using the Xfinity Stream App.

What do I do if I have problems in my room or if I need assistance?

If you need assistance during regular business hours, you may contact the hall staff by speaking to the Community Assistant (CA) or contacting the Community Director of your hall or complex. Community Director’s office. The Housing and Residence Life Department is also open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Contact information for hall staff can be found here.  For emergencies, please contact Public Safety at (601) 979-2580.

If you need assistance outside of regular business hours, JSU has overnight receptionists located in Alexander East and Alexander West. Each residence hall has Community Assistants (CAs) who are on-call during overnight hours. His/her contact information is at the front desk, and you may reach out to him/her if you need assistance. If you are ill and/or you are experiencing an emergency, please contact public safety @ 601-979-2580. 

The on-call CA can contact the on-call director for any other urgent matter.

What are important campus phone numbers?

Public Safety 601-979-2580
Housing and Residence Life Department  601-979-2326
Health Center 601-979-2260
Alexander East 601-979-3146
Alexander West 601-979-3145
Campbell Suites North 601-979-5537
Campbell Suites South 601-979-5134
Dixon Hall 601-979-2691
Stewart Hall 601-979-2656
Transitional Hall 601-979-6030
University Pointe 601-979-6886

What do I do if I lose my keys?

Report lost keys to your Community Director  immediately. You will sign the appropriate charge form and the key will be ordered promptly. Once the key has been replaced, it will be delivered to your Community Director, who will notify you that your key has arrived.

Replacing (1) key = $75.00

Replacing (1) key fob (Stewart Hall) = $250.00

May I make a copy of my key?

No. For security purposes, you are not allowed to make a duplicated copy of your key. If you do so, the locks will be changed and you will be responsible for replacing both keys assigned to your room. 

The fee associated with changing the locks and 2 keys is approximately $150.00.

How do I change rooms?

Each year a time period is set aside to exchange rooms usually one to two weeks after the residence hall opens for the academic year. See your Community Director for details.

May I bring a pet?

No, we do not allow pets on-campus; however, if you need a service animal you must complete the appropriate application and meet the requirements. Please contact ADA Services for an application and for all the details by emailing

Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

No. Jackson State University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is NOT allowed in the residence halls or on campus. Housing is a privilege. If you smoke in your residence halls, you will be charged a fee and will potentially lose your opportunity to continue residing on campus. 

Why do I have to consolidate if my roommate moves out?

All residents are charged at a double room rate with the exception of Campbell College Suites. If you do not wish to be charged a single rate you must move to another room (consolidate) or another resident may move into the room with you. We charge students according to the way they live. If there are two people residing in a room, we charge a double room rate. If there is only one person in a room, we charge a single room rate.

Do residence halls have a private bath?

Some residence halls do have private bathrooms, while others have community bathrooms. The cleaning staff is responsible for cleaning the community bathrooms only. However, we do ask the residents to do their part by cleaning up after themselves. Students are responsible for cleaning their private bathrooms. If your community bathroom has any issues, please complete a maintenance log and notify your Community Director.

How do I receive mail?

Each student who resides on campus is required to have a post office box. You may obtain your post office box by taking the pink copy of your License Agreement and your registration complete receipt to the Campus Post Office, located in J. L. Reddix Building, and you will be assigned a post office box.

How do I receive packages?

Packages that are sent via FedEx, UPS, Airborne or DHL go directly to our Central Receiving Department. The following address must be used: 1325 Hattiesburg Street Jackson, MS 39217.  Please include the student’s name (not parent name, middle name or nickname), assigned residence hall, room number, and the contact phone number for the student.  All packages may be picked up at the Post Office, located in the J. L. Reddix Building.

Should I insure my property?

Yes, we strongly encourage each student to insure his or her property. Please click here for more information regarding student property insurance.


As a citizen of our residential community, you have the convenience of living close to classes, the library, laundry facilities, tutors, computer labs, and the student health center. Living on campus also offers a helpful and supportive staff, a secure environment, academic support, leadership development, and employment opportunities.



Residence Life
1400 John R. Lynch Street
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Phone: 601.979.2326