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Controlled Unclassified Information Resources

The following CUI resources include CUI cover sheets, destruction labels, email templates and tips and more. All resources and templates are provided by the CUI Executive Agent and can be found at the following National Archives page:  Click Here

CUI Audio, Photography and Video Markings Brochure

CUI Categories

CUI Coversheet

Agencies may use a coversheet to identify CUI, alert observers that CUI is present from a distance, and serve as a shield to protect CUI from inadvertent disclosure. If an agency chooses to use a coversheet, it must use CUI EA-approved coversheet Standard Form 901.

CUI Destruction Label

CUI Email Marking Tip

CUI Limited Dissemination Control Markings

CUI Markings(List)

CUI Marking Handbook

CUI Marking Trifold Brochure



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