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When Does FERPA Rights Begin/End for a Student?

A student is in attendance as defined by JSU. At JSU this means the student officially completed registration, is enrolled and is attending courses.

  • Students continue to have FERPA rights even after they have left or graduated from .JSU
  • Student FERPA Rights are only terminated upon death of the student.

What if I applied to JSU to become a student but was not admitted?
FERPA Rights Do Not cover students who were not admitted to JSU or never attended JSU.

Who Has Access to My Education Records?

  • Students may access their information
  • Parents who claim the student as a dependent on taxes (must provide proof to registrars office)
  • Any party that the students authorizes by providing JSU with a  written consent form (must include: date, which data/records to release, recipient’s name & student signature)
  • Designated employee of JSU may access student data if it is needed to conduct their job duties & who have a “legitimate educational interest”

What Type of  Student Data Does JSU Collect that Must be Protected?

  • Registration Forms (paper & electronic)
  • Transcripts
  • Grades
  • Schedules
  • Class Rosters
  • Documents with student SSN
  • Any student PII data displayed electronically

How is this data Shared/Released?

Students- release ,on paper(mail), online behind a secure web portal (ex. JSU PAWS) by phone, or email listed in JSU student directory, in person(photo of Student ID)

Colleagues- by phone or email only after you have verified who you are talking to and that it is  “a legitimate interest”

3rd party- release only upon student request and with a documented written consent (Never release FERPA protected Data at the request of a 3rd party)



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