Peer Educators Program

The Peer Educators Program is designed to train drug-free youth ages 13-21 to conduct trainings/presentations on life skills utilizing MJCPC resources. Our mission is to reduce risk factors that lead to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and increase resiliency factors of youth in high-risk environments in Jackson, Mississippi through our Peer Educators.

Program Requirements

Participants must:

• be and remain a DRUG-FREE youth age 13-21;

• successfully complete the training-of-trainers (TOT) workshop;

• observe at least two actual trainings/presentations conducted by an MJCPC staff member and assist an          MJCPC staff member with two trainings/presentations prior to conducting their own training session; and

• conduct a minimum of four trainings or presentations accompanied by an MJCPC staff member per year.

Program Benefits

Participants will:

• receive immeasurably valuable leadership training that will enhance their life management skills and prepare them for leadership roles among their cohort group.

• receive guidance and support with life management decisions from caring responsible adults who adhere to MJCPC's motto, "Bridging the Gap Between Needs and Services."

• be honored at the completion of their preparatory training during a ceremonial awards program and receive an official Peer Educator Certificate.