Presentations/Mini Workshops: Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition offers free presentations and mini workshops to schools, universities and colleges, churches, youth organizations, community/neighborhood organizations, and other community entities/organizations on various prevention topics including but not limited to prescription drug abuse, illicit drug abuse, impaired driving consequences, underage drinking and tobacco use prevention. For more information regarding our services, please contact Henry C. Thompson, Jr., Project Director/Principal Investigator, Substance Abuse Block Grant, at: 601-979-1402 or Angela Benson-Wright, Project Director/Principal Investigaor, Mississippi Office of Highway Safety Grant, at:  601-979-1079.

Community Resource Center: Our community resource center is your information highway for substance abuse prevention information and resources. The Center offers to the public free prevention pamphlets, resources, and training space (limited hours).   For more information regarding our services, please contact Dr. Pamela McCoy, MJCPC SABG Senior Prevention Specialist, at: 601-979-1404.

Peer Educators Program: The Peer Educators Program is designed to train drug-free youth, ages,13-21, to conduct trainings/presentations on life skills utilizing MJCPC resources. Our mission is to reduce risk factors that lead to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and increase resiliency factors of youth in high-risk environments in Jackson, Mississippi through our Peer Educators.

Summer Enhancement Programs: Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition offers prevention services to the City of Jackson Summer Enhancement Program for elmentary and middle school students utilizing evidence-based interventions. The interventions are designed by prevention researchers to prevent or reduce the use of alcoho, tobacco and other drugs and their related consequences.