Mississippi Urban Research Center

The Mississippi Urban Research Center’s (MURC) mission is “to conduct basic and applied research into urban problems and public policy, and to make available the results of this research to private groups, public bodies, and public officials.”  MURC’s vision is to become the premier research center in Mississippi for conducting urban-related research. This vision involves examining urban areas throughout Mississippi with the goal of providing various types of solutions that can help address problems impacting urban areas.

Many urban areas across Mississippi are experiencing similar problems whether related to infrastructure, housing, crime, education, employment, governance, health, growth, contraction, and/or other issues impacting quality of life. The Mississippi Urban Research Center stands ready to work independently and collaboratively in helping communities identify and implement solutions leading to a higher quality of life. Using multidisciplinary approaches and diverse research methods, MURC provides a structure and setting for conducting research, analyzing public policies, managing research data, evaluating programs, and engaging urban communities.

While the challenges facing urban areas can be formidable, MURC is fully committed to helping urban areas overcome those challenges and achieve a higher quality of life. MURC’s research approach and guiding operational principle is straight forward . . . that is, using evidenced-based research to help Mississippi’s urban areas improve, grow, and prosper. We invite you to join us in working to improve the quality of life in urban areas across Mississippi.


Sam Mozee, Jr., PhD
Mississippi Urban Research Center
Jackson State University