Executive Director’s Message

The Mississippi Urban Research Center is an entity of Jackson State University (JSU) located in the capital city of Jackson, Mississippi, and operates under the auspices of the JSU College of Public Service. The Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) was authorized through Mississippi Senate Bill 2720, Chapter 512, Section 1, cited as the “Universities Research Institutes Act of 1983."  Section 19 of the bill states the function of MURC is “to conduct basic and applied research into urban problems and public policy, and to make available the results of this research to private groups, public bodies, and public officials.”  MURC's primary focus is to conduct research on urban-related issues, and then disseminate research results for the purpose of improving the quality of life in urban areas.

Our vision for the Mississippi Urban Research Center is to become the premier research center in Mississippi for conducting urban-related research. This vision involves examining urban areas throughout Mississippi with the goal of identifying proven solutions to urban problems and issues. Many urban areas across the state are experiencing similar problems whether they be related to infrastructure, housing, crime, education, employment, governance, health, or other aspects of community development. The Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) stands ready to work independently and collaboratively to help those communities identify and implement viable solutions that lead to a higher quality of life. Using multidisciplinary approaches and diverse research methods, MURC provides a structure and setting for conducting research, analyzing public policies, managing research data, evaluating programs, and engaging urban communities. Research results are shared with policymakers, planners, service providers, educators, community leaders, and other parties interested in improving the quality of life in urban areas. 

While the challenges facing urban areas can be formidable, MURC is fully committed and capable of helping urban areas overcome those challenges and achieve a higher quality of life. We invite you to join us in working to improve the quality of life in urban areas across Mississippi. MURC welcomes the opportunity to help Mississippi's urban areas improve, grow, and prosper. Our creed and research approach at MURC is straight forward . . . using evidenced-based research can help Mississippi's urban areas achieve great things.