Census (CIC)

Census Data

The Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) is a member of the U.S. Census Bureau’s network of Census Information Centers (CIC). The CIC program is administered by the Bureau’s Customer Liaison and Marketing Services Office (CLMSO), and was established in 1988 by an agreement between the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Urban League to make Census data and information available to minority communities and economically disadvantaged segments of the population, who have been traditionally undercounted in censuses and surveys. The CIC network became an official Census Bureau program in 2000, and is comprised of colleges and universities, research groups, Chambers of Commerce, civil rights organizations serving children and the aging, rural populations, and tribal governments representing 22 states.

Over the years, MURC has contributed to the dissemination and study of Census data in many ways – authoring special reports, participation in annual meetings and decennial Census Complete Count Committees, Census data training, collaborations with faculty and students, and more. Additionally, MURC is continuously striving to find new opportunities to promote the importance of Census data and participation, and to provide research and training for policymakers, urban planners, service providers, and members of the academic and local communities. Please contact MURC staff to learn how our services as a Census Information Center can assist you with your organization’s data needs.


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MURC Snapshot June 2021

Census Data Workshop Handout v2

MURC Snapshot October 2021