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Travel Process

The 3 Stages of the Title III Faculty Travel Process


General information on support for faculty conference presentations

Tenure-track faculty (tenured and tenure-track) are eligible to apply for support for travel and conference fees to present research at academic conferences. These funds are provided by the U.S. Department of Education Title III grant, under the Faculty and Student Field Experiences.


There has been some confusion recently among faculty about the appropriate process for applying for this award. So we are sharing this document to make sure everyone is able to access the funds.

*NOTE: The travel approval process is lengthy.  Please submit your travel application as soon as possible.  If you are asking that the university pay in advance, a 15-30 day window is best.


Step 1 – Receive a conference acceptance email/letter

Step 2 – Apply for travel through the Office of Academic Affairs

Here is the link to the online application:

  • You can only access up to $1250 per grant year for travel. The grant year runs from October 1st to September 30th.
  • There are explicit policies about how the funds can be used that you need to read:
  • The application requires documentation and quotes for travel expenses (details below).


What do you need for the application?

Fill out all of the information in the online application and then attach the following documents before submitting the application. Without documentation, your application may be delayed or denied.

  • Hotel: Contact the hotel and reserve your hotel room using your credit card. You can do this online and print the confirmation or call the hotel and have them email the confirmation to you.  Upload the confirmation under lodging as supporting documentation.
  • Traveling by car?  Upload the MapQuest showing roundtrip mileage (the university will only reimburse using the cheapest means of transportation).  For example, if the airline ticket is $500 but you choose to drive your vehicle and the mileage reimbursement is $700, your maximum reimbursement will be the price of the airline ticket ($500 in this case).
  • Flying to the conference? Upload quotes for airline. If you use the university travel agent you need only one quote (agents listed below). If you plan to purchase the ticket online and be reimbursed, you must provide two comparable airline quotes. Your two quotes cannot be from the same airline.


Travel agents for JSU:


  • Conference Registration: You can pay and be reimbursed after providing a receipt in the application or the fee can be paid through JSU Accounts Payable Office once a completed registration form is submitted.
  • This grant does not pay for meals.


Step 3 – Acquire approval signatures from your chair and dean

Once you have submitted your online application for the travel award, the application will go to Dr. Whittaker (Academic Affairs) and Ms. Vaughn (Faculty Development Center) for review. 

You will receive a general email informing you of the status of your travel application, which will include   

        —a Travel Request Form attached to the email and

        —the funding information to include on the travel request form (index, fund, and organization code).


  • Complete the travel request form.
  • Obtain signatures from your department chair and dean.
  • Scan the form and email it to


*NOTE: After Step 3 is complete, Ms. Vaughn will obtain Dr. Whittaker’s signature on the form and input the information in the travel module. You will receive updates from the travel module as your request is approved at each level.




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