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In Chronological Order


Zoo Man And The Sign


October 7 and 11, 2021


Charles Fuller


Mark G. Henderson


For Colored Girls


November 11-15, 2021


Ntozake Shange


Yolanda Williams


Afro Angel


February 24-28, 2022


Prince Duren


Prince Duren



The Department of Art & Theatre is committed to providing students with the fundamental knowledge of communication, performance and design through research and practical application. We encourage the development of student creativity and oral competency in communication while enhancing professional presentation skills. The department fosters a safe, nurturing environment of creativity, collaboration and experimentation, while providing exceptional instruction in communication, technical design and stage performance. We utilize traditional and nontraditional teaching methods, ultimately leading to educational success and personal/professional advancement.

*The Department of Art & Theatre will continue to follow the University’s COVID Policies