Jury Process

I. Jury Review Process
 The student's progress will be monitored each year by the area faculty, and the review process will include the following:

 A. By April 15 of each year, the student will submit an annual report of academics (including a copy of the current transcript, with theatre, dance, art and music courses highlighted) for the past year. The student's GPA must remain at or above 2.5.

 B. The student will provide evidence of auditioning for all JSU productions or fulfilling technical responsibilities as listed above.

 C. By the end of the spring semester each year, the area faculty will meet with the student to review the student's portfolio, which includes headshot, resume, technical work, creative endeavours and services for the past year. This review will also include checking for reports of exemplary or negative work/behavior documented in the student's file.

Documentation of student's progress:
 Any faculty or professional staff member who witnesses either exemplary or unsatisfactory behavior or work on the part of a theatre student should make a written note of it. A copy will be given to the students with the original document placed in the student's file. If the student believes the citation is unfair or erroneous, he or she may write a response; the response will be attached to the file copy of the citation with a copy given to the faculty or professional staff member who wrote the citation. A student who witnesses exemplary or unsatisfactory behavior when no faculty or staff member is present should report it to the supervising faculty or professional staff member, who will then follow the same procedure above.

 D. Juries are usually held at the end of spring semester.

 E. The juries will be scheduled for no less than 15 minutes.

 F. Students must jury two semesters before graduation.

 G. Following the yearly review, the area faculty will determine: a)continuance, b)probation, c)termination.

II. Processes for Probation/Readmission
 A student may be put on probation from the theatre concentration program at any time. Criteria for probation may include, but are not limited to the following:

 1. The student has not shown growth in aptitude.
 2. The student has not developed presentation skills.
 3. The student has not maintained a professional attitude and work ethic.
 4. The student is experiencing continuing disciplinary problems.
 5. The student has not participated in all JSU auditions or accepted all production assignments.
 6. The student has not maintained an overall GPA of 2.5 or better.

 A. Probation:
 Probationary status is reviewed each semester, giving the student time to resolve any deficient activity.

 B. Termination
 1. A student on probation who does not improve in the areas stipulation by his/her review panel will, upon recommendation of the area faculty, be terminated from the B.A. Program.

 2. A student demonstrating a serious lapse in professionalism or other criteria for probation or termination may be termined without probation. In the case of a recommendation of termination, the student will be given the opportunity to address the entire faculty before a faculty vote only if the student has not been on probation during the semester immediately prior to the recommendation of termination.

 C. Absence from the B.A. in Theatre Program:
 Any theatre student who is absent from Jackson State University or is not a theatre major for a period of two consecutive semesters or longer must audition/jury again to be considered for readmission to the theatre concentration program.