Course Descriptions

DR 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) Production Laboratory. Practical application in at least one departmental production activity. Required of freshman and sophomore majors. Open to non-majors. Repeatable to a maximum of six (6) credit hours.


DR 201 (3) Introduction to Theatre. A survey of drama and theatre history examining historical practices used in the modern theatre. Attendance at theatre performances and the reading of the representative plays are required open to all students.


DR 202 (3) Fundamentals of Acting. Basic training in voice, movement, and improvisation to enhance the beginning actor’s understanding and artistic growth. Open to all students.


DR 204 (3) Introduction to Technical Production. Prerequisite: DR 201, co-requisite: DRL 204. An overview of the theory and practices in implementation of set construction and related aspects of technical theatrical production.


DRL 204 (1) Introduction to Technical Production Lab. A laboratory course for practical application of theory in DR 204. Technical participation in departmental rehearsals and productions is required.


DR 205 (3) Advanced Acting. Prerequisite: DR 201, 202 and 204. Study and practice of the art and craft of acting. Selected readings, discussion, laboratory exercises.


DR 301 (3) Movement for the Stage. A fundamental movement course for the student performer. Emphasis is placed on developing within the actor an understanding of his/her body as an instrument of expression and communication, and enhancing the actor’s ability to use his/her instrument. Course encompasses exercises and explorations based on a variety of techniques for developing body and spatial awareness and use.


DR 306 (3) Introduction to Scenic Design. Prerequisites: DR 201 and 204. This course acquaints the student

with artistic elements and practical techniques of scene design. Laboratory work consists of several scene designs in different styles. Each design includes ground plans, perspective drawings and frontal evaluations.


DR 310 (3) Theatre History and Literature: Origins1700s. Prerequisite: DR 201. The history of the physical theatre, drama, and the participants from Egyptian origin of theatre ritual through the Greek classical theatre to Elizabethan England.


DR 311 (3) Theatre History and Literature: 1700s-Present. Prerequisite: DR 201. The history of the physical theatre, drama, and the participants from Elizabethan England to the development of the modern theatre.


DR 313 (3) Survey of Black Drama and Theatre. Prerequisite: DR 201. A study of Black drama and theatre in America, treating the contributions and involvement of Black artists in the drama and theatre in this country from 1553 to the present.


DR 314 (3) Fundamentals of Playwriting. A lecture laboratory course in the fundamentals of playwriting. Laboratory work consists of exercise in exposition, traditional scenes, builds, crisis, resolution, etc. Lectures include script analysis, discussion of certain avant-garde plays and the works of the individual playwright. A scenario will be written.


DR 356 (3) Reader’s Theatre. A course designed for the oral study of dramatic literature through analysis and group performance.


DR 410 (3) Theories and Techniques of Directing. Prerequisites: DR 201, 310 and 311. The director’s initial approach to the play, research, research, textual study, and formal analysis. Demonstrations and directorial skills in composition, movement, and business.


DR 414 (3) Stage Lighting. Prerequisite: DR 204. Work in lighting design plots for different modes of staging. The study of lighting control principles, color theory, and design theory in practical application.


DR 415 (3) Advanced Playwriting. Prerequisite: DR 314. A course designed to give the student further experience in concepts and techniques of playwriting. Each student is required to write a one-act play or scenario.


DR 416 (3) Costuming and Make-up. Discussion of basic elements of design for costumes and makeup. Overview of historical dress and accessories. Practical experience in make-up application. Open to all students.


DR 419 (3) Dramatic Criticism. Prerequisites: DR 310 and 311. An in-depth study of the principles of dramatic criticism from Aristotle to modern period. Particular reference is given to the influence of the theory of the church, state and press in evaluating drama.


DR 421 (3) Creative Dramatics. Prerequisite: a lecture-laboratory course acquainting the student with the acting and directing techniques of children’s theatre. Emphasis is on improvisational acting. Some attention is devoted to production techniques.


DR 422 (3) Children’s Theatre: Production and Directing. Prerequisite: DR 421. Study the principles and techniques of acting, and staging for children’s theatre. Practical application through laboratory, assignments, and participation in production projects.


DR 425 (6) Play Production. Prerequisite: Reserved for senior Drama majors only. Full directing responsibility for the production of a one-act play or approved activity.


DR 426 (3) Independent Study. Prerequisite: Drama majors only; requires Coordinator approval and Departmental approval necessary. Directed research or project work for the superior student of drama.