Mission and Objectives:

Auxiliary Enterprises | Department of Contractual Services’ (DCS) mission is to provide the students, faculty, and staff with a comprehensive system of services, programs, and activities designed to satisfy customer expectations and enhance campus living through contracted venues, while in support of the University’s overall academic mission.

Your JSU™ Supercard is a multi-purpose card. Its primary function is to serve as an identification card for all students, faculty, and staff and must be worn and visible at all times. The JSU™ Supercard also provides access to numerous venues throughout the campus and off-campus.

JSU™ Supercard Uses:

Identification – Your JSU™ Supercard/ ID must be worn visibly at all times

Meal Plans – Provides access to all JSU™  Dining Services locations

Supercard Accounts – Can be used to make purchases at on and off-campus merchants

Vending – Use to purchase drinks and snacks from vending machines located throughout campus

Athletic Events – Your ticket to all athletic home events, including basketball, and football games

Recreational Facilities – Provides admission to the JSU™ Recreation Complex, Game Room, Movie Theatre, etc

Postal Services – Present your JSU™ Supercard to pick up packages at Tiger Mail and the UPS Store

Library – Can be used to check out books or use reference material in the library

Residence Hall – Use your JSU™ Supercard to enter your residence hall and room.

Laundry Facilities – Provides access to laundry facilities in residence halls throughout campus


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