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UNITE Program

UNITE Program: UNITE 2022 Summer Program Site at Jackson State University soliciting applications (Beginning March 1, 2022)

UNITE 2022 Summer Program Site at Jackson State University soliciting applications (Beginning March 1, 2022), targeting rising 9th grade (going from 8th grade to 9th grade) students only from groups historically underserved in STEM disciplines. Application dead line is May 1, 2022. The program duration is for four weeks during June 1, 2022 to June 29, 2022. UNITE, an initiative in the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) portfolio, is a pre-collegiate, academic, summer program for high school students from groups historically underrepresented and underserved in STEM. The program is designed to encourage and help prepare students to pursue college-level studies, and, ultimately, careers in engineering and related STEM fields, with a view to serving as professionals in the Army. Underrepresented/Underserved populations include low-income students; students belonging to race and ethnic minorities that are historically underrepresented in STEM (i.e., Alaska Natives, Native Americans, Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders); students with disabilities; students with English as a second language; first-generation college students; students in rural, frontier, or other Federal targeted outreach schools; and females in certain STEM fields (e.g., physical science, computer science, mathematics, or engineering). Selected students will get a stipend for participation in the program. Once your application materials have been received, they will be reviewed and you will receive a letter (or by email) informing you as to your acceptance to the JSU/UNITE summer program at Jackson State University.

Applicants must register at TWO of the following websites:

  1. Submit online UNITE 2022 registration available at the web link given below, and click ‘Apply Now’ and choose site location:
  2. And, submit Jackson State registration packet (hard copy by post and by email attachment) available at the web link given below. UNITE at JSU flyer and program details are also available at the following web link:

For more information about the UNITE program visit following websites:

  1. Technology Students Association website at
  2. US Army Educational Outreach Program at
  3. About Army STEM programs and opportunities, please visit the AEOP website at

Eligibility Criterion and Basic Requirements:

  1. Must be a rising 9th grade (going from 8th grade to 9th grade)  students only.
  2. Must be a minority student and interested in STEM areas of study.
  3. Belong to underrepresented/underserved
  4. Must be present in all the days of the program without any absence
  5. Must submit online application at US AEOP website:
  6. Must submit all the forms in the registration packet at Jackson State, and abide by its regulations.
  7. Must submit two letters of recommendations.

All correspondence must be addressed to the following by post or electronically to:

Dr. Francis TuluriProgram Coordinator and Manager
UNITE site @ Jackson State University
Jackson State University; P O Box 18480 Jackson, MS 39217; Telephone (601) 979-8262 – Fax (601) 979-4110

Ms. Shanetta Crisler
Administrative Assistant

UNITE Program


Jackson State University,
P O Box 18480 Jackson, MS 39217

Phone: (601) 979-8262