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Code of Conduct


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to develop in students a stronger awareness of community, and expectations which are necessary to build a sense of closeness, cooperation, sharing and enjoyment and a feeling of belonging. All groups find comfort in establishing standards of conduct and rules which help to guide the behavior of its members. UNITE recognizes the need for such rules, and also understands the value of defining possible consequences in the event rules are disregarded.

Therefore UNITE Summer program participants are expected to observe the following code of conduct:

  1. Arrive a JSU with the understanding that you must complete the full four-week program. Therefore, you should not plan other events that would require you to be away during the program.
  2. Dress appropriately as outlined in the JSU Student Decorum Policy.
  3. Report to your research areas/classroom as assigned or instructed and give your full attention to instructors and to other UNITE personnel.
  4. Demonstrate/display conduct that is friendly, courteous, honest and responsible.
  5. Show initiative and motivation; work as a team player toward a common goal.
  6. Communicate regularly with your mentor on the progress of your studies.
  7. Exercise appropriate social behavior; take responsibility for your own actions.
  8. Follow safety procedures at all times. Consult with your mentor if procedures are unfamiliar or unclear.
  9. Keep your space (area/classroom) clean at all times.
  10. Keep a notebook/journal of all activities and data collected, including charts and graphs of all research and/or work performed. NOTE: This journal will be very helpful as you prepare your final report and portfolio.
  11. Cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited during classroom sessions/instructions.
  12. Strive to achieve a level of excellence that exceeds the minimal expectations.
  13. Give/show respect to all UNITE faculty, staff and other persons you come in contact with on a daily basis.


NOTE: The actions of each individual participant affect not only your personal self and situation but the perception of the UNITE program, the University and other participants as a whole.

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