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Army Educational Outreach Program


The Army Educational Outreach Program is composed of a catalog of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational outreach programs including UNITE. This program is sponsored by the United States Army Research Office (ARO) which is funded through the office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology (ASA-ALT).

It is important to know that by allowing your child to participate and/or by choosing to participate in UNITE, you are also providing permission to participate in an evaluation/research process. The purpose of the UNITE evaluation is to gauge the effectiveness of our program and to maintain continuous improvement. The evaluation evidence that we collect will be used to report program outcomes to funding agencies (i.e., ARO & ASA-ALT) and/or for scholarly publications. The evaluation process is essential for the continuation of funding for UNITE.

During this AEOP program experience, students will be asked to respond to various assessment instruments (e.g., questionnaires, demographic information, focus groups, interviews, etc.). Responses to these instruments are VOLUNTARY; students can choose not to participate or to withdraw from participation in these assessment instruments at any time. These assessment tools are not anonymous but all results will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL. The resulting data from all assessment tools will be read, entered, and analyzed by authorized personnel only and will be stored in secure, password-protected servers or databases. Any and all reports to sponsors or scholarly publications that utilize the results of our evaluation data will be de-identified prior to analysis and dissemination.

Finally, the AEOP reserves the right to use personal information (i.e., email addresses) to contact participants in the future in an effort to gather information regarding their career or educational success. Personal information will never be distributed outside of the AEOP, will be kept completely confidential, is accessible by authorized personnel only, and will be stored in password protected and secure servers or databases.

If you have questions or concerns before the program begins, please call Dr. Francis Tuluri, Program Coordinator at 601 979 8262, Shanetta Crisler, Department Administrative Assistant, Department  Chair at 601 979 2466, or CSET interim Dean at 601-979-2153.

AEOP Contacts: Hillary Lee, TSA UNITE Director, 703.860.9000 as the TSA contact 

UNITE Program


Jackson State University,
P O Box 18480 Jackson, MS 39217

Phone: (601) 979-8262