Graphic Design

Graphic designers shape our visual environment, combining words and images into messages that inform, persuade, sell, and entertain. It’s a field that combines art and technology with business and culture.

The Graphic Design program prepares student designers for many exciting employment opportunities. Graphic designers make valuable contributions across a variety of media including print, environmental, and interactive. Students work with teachers who are themselves professional practitioners to learn how to design for print, interaction, and experience design.

For students interested in professional design practice as a career, the department provides a thorough art and design foundation, including intensive drawing, classes in art history, and introductory experiences in various fine arts media. Once this core of foundation classes has been completed, students are intellectually and creatively prepared for the rigor of advanced study, which includes coursework in computer graphics, advertising art, and computer aided design.

The Department of Art has excellent computer labs with complete image generation, typography, and multimedia capabilities, using current industry standards in software and hardware, scanners, and printers.

Change is a constant in graphic design, as technology and modes of communication evolve. The curriculum at Jackson State University is constantly evolving as well to keep abreast of these changes and to prepare students to enter the profession with current knowledge and skills.