Fengxiang X. Han

Assistant Professor

 fengxiang 1400 J. R. Lynch Street, P.O. Box 17910
Jackson, MS 39217-0510

Physical location:
John A. Peoples Science Building
Office: Room 528B

E-mail: fengxiang.han@jsums.edu
Tel: (601) 979-3487
Fax: (601) 979-3674



General Chemistry & Laboratory; Environmental Chemistry, Advanced Environmental Chemistry, Radiochemistry

Research Interests

Nutrient recycling (C, N, P) and eutrophication,  environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry of heavy metals, trace elements and radionuclides, phytoremediation/bioremediation/chemical remediation of polluted soil and water, surface chemistry of clay minerals, carbon sequestration and global warming, and remote sensing technology.

  1. Environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry of heavy metals, trace elements and radionuclides
  2. Biogeochemistry of wetland and coastal/marine ecosystems.
  3. Global nutrient recycling (C, N, P) and eutrophication of water body (river, lake, coastal area and marine)
  4. Remediation (phytoremediation/bioremediation/chemical remediation) of polluted soil, water, sediment and waste
  5. Surface chemistry of clay minerals
  6. Carbon sequestration and global warming
  7. Ecotoxicology and plant stress physiology
  8. Environmental soil chemistry

Selected publications
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  1. Han, F.X., Y. Su, Z. Shi, Y. Xia, W. Tian, V. Philips, D.L. Monts. 2011. Mercury distribution and bioavailability in the floodplain soil of East Fork Popular Creek, Oak Ridge, Tennessee after a series of remediation. Geoderma (in press).
  2. Han, F.X., S. Shiyab, J. Chen, Y. Su, D. L. Monts, C.A. Waggoner, F.B. Matta. 2008. Extractability and bioavailability of mercury from a mercury sulfide contaminated soil from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Water, Air and Soil Pollution.  194:67-75.
  3. Han, F.X., Y. Su, D.L. Monts, C.A. Waggoner, and M. J. Plodinec. 2006.Binding, distribution, and plant uptake of mercury in a soil from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Science of Total Environment 368: 753-768.
  4. Han, F.X., W.D. Patterson, Y. Xia, B.B.M. Sridhar, and Y. Su. 2006. Rapid determination of mercury in plant and soil samples using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy, a comparative study. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 170: 161-171.
  5. Han, F.X., W.L. Kingery, H.M. Selim, P.D. Gerard, M.S. Cox, and J.L. Oldham. 2004. Accumulation and solubility of arsenic in poultry wastes and waste-amended soils. The Science of the Total Environment  320(1): 51-61.
  6. Han, F.X., Y. Su, D.L. Monts, and B.B.M. Sridhar. 2004. Distribution, transformation and bioavailability of trivalent and hexavalent chromium in contaminated soil. Plant and Soil 265: 243-252.
  7. Kelleher, B.P., S.F. Oppenheimer, F.X. Han, K.O. Willeford, M.J. Simpson, A.J. Simpson and W.L. Kingery. 2003. Dynamical System Analysis of Protease-Clay Interactions. Langmuir 19: 9411-9417.
  8. Han, F.X., Y. Su, D.L. Monts, M. J. Plodinec, A. Banin, and G.B. Triplett. 2003. Assessment of global industrial-age anthropogenic arsenic contamination. Naturwissenschaften 90: 395-401.
  9. Han, F.X., A. Banin, W.L. Kingery, G.B. Triplett, L.X. Zhou, S.J. Zheng, and W.X. Ding. 2003. New approach to studies of redistribution of heavy metals in soils. Advances in Environmental Research (A special issue on heavy metals in soils, edited by Dr. P.S. Hooda, Invited chapter) 8(1): 113-120.
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