Ifedayo Victor Ogungbe

 Assistant Professor

Victor1400 J. R. Lynch Street, P.O. Box 17910
Jackson, MS 39217-0510

Physical location:
John A. Peoples Science Building
Office: Room #528B


E-mail: ifedayo.v.ogungbe@jsums.edu
Tel: (601) 979-3719
Fax: (601) 979-3674


Organic Chemistry, Qualitative Organic Analysis, Physical Organic Chemistry

Research Interests: 

Characterization and biological activity of small molecules, Molecular recognition and interactions, Bioinspired design. We use computational chemistry, structural biology, organic synthesis, as well as biochemical (in vitro and in vivo) tools and assays to study how bioactive compounds and/or their mimetic interact with molecular targets.  We hope that the knowledge generated from our work will help in the development of new therapies and materials. LINK

Selected publications (Click here for full list)

1. Ogungbe IV, Crouch RA, Demeritte T. (-) Arctigenin and (+) Pinoresinol Are Antagonists of the Human Thyroid Hormone Receptor β. J Chem Inf Model. 2014.DOI: 10.1021/ci500537e.

2.  Kaul TK, Reis Rodrigues P, Ogungbe IV, Kapahi P, Gill MS. Bacterial fatty acids enhance recovery from the dauer larva in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS One. 2014 9(1):e86979.

3. Ogungbe IV, Erwin WR, Setzer WN.  Antileishmanial phytochemical phenolics: molecular docking to potential protein targets. J Mol Graph Model. 2014 48:105-17.

4. Ogungbe IV, Ng JD, Setzer WN. Interactions of antiparasitic alkaloids with Leishmania protein targets: a molecular docking analysis. Future Med Chem. 2013 5(15):1777-99.

5. Ogungbe IV, Setzer WN. In-silico Leishmania target selectivity of antiparasitic terpenoids. Molecules. 2013 18(7):7761-847.

6. Setzer WN and Ogungbe IV. In-silico investigation of antitrypanosomal phytochemicals from Nigerian medicinal plants. PLoS Negl Trop Dis  2012, 6(7): e1727.

7. Ogungbe IV, Singh M, and Setzer WN. Antileishmanial natural products from plants. Studies in Natural Products Chemistry 2012, 36, 331-377. 

8. Schmidt TJ, Alves TMA, Biavatti MW, Brun R, Da Costa FB, Ferreira VF, Khalid SA, de Lacerda MVG, Lago JHG, Leon LL, de Castro SL, Lopes NP, das Neves Amorim RC, Niehues M, Ogungbe IV, Pohlit AM, Romanha AJ,  Scotti MT, Setzer WN,  Soeiro MdC, Steindel M, Tempone AG. The potential of secondary metabolites from plants as drugs/leads against protozoan neglected diseases – Part II. Current Medicinal Chemistry 2012, 19, 2176-2228.

9. Ogungbe IV, Hill GM, Crouch RA, Vogler B, Singh M, Haber WA, and Setzer WN. Prenylated Isoflavonoids from Rhynchosia edulis. Nat. Prod. Comm. 2011, 6, 1637-1644.

10. Helms KM, Wilson RC, Ogungbe IV, Setzer WN, and Twigg PD. Vitexin Inhibits Polyubiquitin Synthesis by the Ubiquitin-conjugating Enzyme E2-25K. Nat. Prod. Comm. 2011, 6, 1411-1416.