Danuta Leszczynska

Curriculum Vitae

Danuta Leszczynska, PhD
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone number: 601-979-109
Fax number: 601-979-3238
Room number: 101 SOE


Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Technical University, Poland
M.S.. in Organic Chemistry, Technical University, Poland
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Technical University, Poland

Research Areas:

  1. Water, stormwater and wastewater (water matrix) contamination, and treatment;
  2. Operational problems with secondary contamination (water matrix);
  3. Techniques and mechanisms for enhancement of treatment/removal of organic and metallic contamination (water and soil matrixes);
  4. Emerging technologies for water/soil treatment (constructed wetlands, phytoremediation, photodegradation),
  5. Applications of magnetic field for bioscience and biotechnology;
  6. Quantum cluster study on degradation explosives on the model clay surface;
  7. Nanomaterial in drinking water