1. Engineering Scholarships: There are a large number of scholarships available for qualified Civil Engineering students. Please click link below for the application form, and follow the instructions on the form. Please submit complete information as indicated on each form

    For more information, Please contact Ms. Kristy love 601-979-4044

  2. SWALM Engineering Scholarship for Mississippi Residents –

    Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic merit or financial need; or other specified criteria. Applicants will utilize one application for all Development Scholarships. Some scholarships may require additional information and you will have the opportunity to provide that information after completing the basic application. These additional opportunities will be listed under your profile.

    * To apply for scholarships, you must log in to this website using your J# and NetID.

    * Students who do not know their NetID must log in to P.A.W.S. and select the   option to Activate/Reset NET ID Password (password needs to be at least eight characters with one capital letter and one number).

    * Please address any questions or concerns to


  3. Diversity scholarships (Caucasians and non-African-Americans) Contact 979-0928

    * For undergraduate students:

    * For graduate students:

  4. Out of State Fee waiver for STEM majors Contact Financial Aid 601-979-2227 See: of-State-Waiver-Form-Undergraduate.pdf
    For graduate students, See: Out of State Waiver

  5. To obtain scholarship information for Academic Scholarships awarded to new incoming freshmen, students may contact Ms. Ayanna Smith at or (601) 979-0930.

  6. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Opportunities:

  7. Bulletin boards located in the Financial Aid Office (FAO) on the 1st Floor of B. F. Roberts Hall have information regarding private scholarships received.  Applications for these scholarships may be available in the Financial Aid Office.
    Also, please check