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To apply for admission to teacher education, you must complete the teacher education application attached below.   There are also three links below.  The first link is the teacher education admission application survey.  The second link is the required recommendation form (two required).  The third link will forward you to the MS Department of Education Website to view the video on The MS Code of Ethic and Standards of Conduct.  Please read all documents carefully.  If you have any questions please contact me at (601) 979-2335.

1. Teacher Education Admission Application Survey

2. Teacher Education Admission Recommendation Form
 (Two Recommendations Required)

3. Review the MS Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct video on the Center For Teacher Quality Website. Then sign the attached Oath Agreement.


Admission Requirements


Application Form

Licensure Advisory Form

Code of Ethics Oath


Announcement-The PRAXIS Examination Dates for 2014!!!

The new June computer-delivered testing window will be June 16 – 28, 2014.    Our registration system has been updated and candidates can now take advantage of the expanded window.

Scores will be reported to candidates after the window closes, with multiple-choice test scores available to test takers on July 11 and those tests with constructed-response on July 18.  The scores will be available in  ETS Data Manager for designated score recipients on July 14 (multiple-choice) and July 21 (constructed-response) after 4:00 PM.

Please pass this along to your teacher preparation programs in your state. Candidates with any questions about registration should contact Customer Service at 1-800-772-9476.

As a reminder, the last paper administration for Praxis is June 7, 2014. Computer-delivered windows are now offered in every month as we move forward. As a reminder, remaining computer windows are as follows:

·         April 1-April 19

·         May 12 – May 24

·         June 16 – June 28

·         July 14 – 26

·         August 4 – 16

Thanks as usual.