We have nationally recognized programs in Physics, Atmospheric and Geoscience. Graduates of many of our degree programs are 100 percent employed. One of the best Science programs available under one roof. Give us four years and we will change your life forever.At JSU, you are not just another student in the class — you are our top priority. We are ready to help you tackle the exciting challenges that lie ahead and achieve success personally and professionally.

The Geoscience Program at Jackson State University provides elementary and advanced courses in Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, Hands on Universe in Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Methods in Science Education. The Program also grants Masters of Science Teaching. The Program consists of several faculty members who are specialized in Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Science Education, Hydrology, and Geological Engineering. General Science faculty members are involved in topics such as the cause of Permian Triassic boundary mass extinction, sedimentary geochemistry, and global change.