Graduate Studies

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The Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience has the major teacher training responsibility in the School of Science and Technology. This program leads to the (MST) degree in Science Education with a concentration in one of the following areas: (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Physics and Physical Science). The Department also offers for credit graduate science education and science content courses for graduate students of other programs. Several courses are offered for inservice teachers and other educators for professional development. These courses are often used toward certification and further degrees.

The graduate program is affiliated with Project MAST. Project MAST is an alliance between Jackson State University, the Mississippi State school system, the Jackson Public School system, and other public school systems throughout Mississippi. Project MAST is also associated with the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, the James Cook University Center for Astronomy in Australia, and the Ironwood Observatory and Education Center in Hawaii.

The ultimate goal of Project MAST is to enable students to perform better in the sciences and to decrease the disparity level in science achievement across a diverse group of students.