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Division of Academic Affairs


The Division of Academic Affairs’ personnel are individuals who are committed to their work and are willing to go above and beyond to achieve success. At a Jackson State University, dedicated personnel play a vital role in supporting the institution’s mission and goals.

The Division of Academic Affairs provides high-quality education and support to students, and go above and beyond their job duties to ensure that students are able to succeed. They are also be involved in research and other academic pursuits that contribute to the university’s reputation and mission.

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Dr. Alisa Mosley
Provost and Senior Vice President 
Our goal is to help you achieve in all areas of academia and ensure that you have the necessary skills to grow and thrive inside and outside the classroom. We are here to support your desire to learn and happy to guide you through one of the most important intellectual journeys of your life. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse learning environment.
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Dr. Brandi Newkirk-Turner
Associate Provost
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Ms. Sherree T. White
Executive Assistant to the Provost
Phone: (601) 979-2246

Ms. Patricia Sheriff-Taylor
Academic Specialist
Phone: (601) 979-2320

DIvision Of Academic Affairs


Jackson State University 
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