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Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Student Requirements

Transfer applicants who initially meet freshman admission requirements at Jackson State University (listed under Freshman Entrance Requirements), but choose to enroll at another regionally accredited institution, may transfer at any time provided the applicant:

1.     submits a formal application

2.     submits an official transcript from each college or university attended

3.     is in good standing at the last college or university attended

4.     submits documented proof for measles and rubella immunization compliance, if born after December 31, 1956

Mail your official documents to the following address:

Jackson State University
Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 17330
Jackson MS 39217


Transfer applicants who have completed an applicable associate degree, a higher level degree, or the equivalent, are exempted from freshman admission requirements. Applicants who do not initially meet the freshman entrance requirements must be in good standing from the last school attended and have a “C” average in the following 30 semester hours of college-level work.


Six (6) semester hours of English Composition

Three (3) semester hours of College Algebra or higher math

Six (6) semester hours of Natural  Science courses

Nine (9) semester hours of Humanities and Fine Arts

Six (6) Semester hours of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Students who are in good standing from the last college/university attended but are deficient in the above required courses, must also submit a high school transcript indicating that the applicant qualified initially as a freshman enrollee (See Freshman Requirements).


Students transferring to Jackson State University should know the following:

1. A maximum of 62.00 semester hours of credit for courses completed at the freshman and sophomore levels will be allowed from a community/junior college toward degree requirements. 

2. Jackson State University does not accept transfer courses with D or lower grades.

3. Jackson State University does not accept credit courses that are classified as remedial or developmental.

4. Students ordinarily receive no transfer credit for courses designed specifically for technical and vocational career programs. The dean of the college or school concerned should be consulted on questions pertaining to the transfer of credits.

5. After earning 62.00 semester hours from any accredited institution, a student may not take additional courses at a community/junior college and have them applied toward a degree from Jackson State University.

6. Any course taken for credit at another institution while a student is enrolled at Jackson State University must have prior written permission of the student’s department chair and dean in order for that credit to be accepted toward the fulfillment of degree requirements at Jackson State University.

7. Grades earned in transfer courses will not be shown on the permanent record at Jackson State University and will not be used in calculating Jackson State University grade point averages.

8. Normally, Jackson State University allows full credit on a course taken at another accredited institution if a comparable course is offered at Jackson State University. The final evaluation of transcripts is done by the department responsible for the program of study.

9. All students are required to have the last session of residence or its equivalent at Jackson State University and to complete satisfactorily a minimum of 30.00 semester hours of courses before graduation.

10. A maximum of 93.00 semester hours is transferable from an accredited four year institution

11. A transient (temporary student who wishes to transfer credits to his/her home institution) or a student who wishes to transfer to another institution must request an official transcript of credits to be issued to that institution in accordance with the transcript.

Jackson State University is test optional for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years


Priority Deadlines: Traditional Students

Fall semester – August 24th 
Spring semester – January 11th 
First summer session – May 27th 
Second summer session – June 27th 

Deadlines: JSUOnline Students

Spring – 1st 8 Weeks – January 7th
Spring – 2nd 8 Weeks – March 4th
Summer –  May 15th
Fall – 1st 8 Weeks – August 20th
Fall – 2nd 8 Weeks – October 11th



You have never attended a college or university, or you attended a college or university for the first time in the prior summer term.


You are entering JSU for the first time, but previously attended another postsecondary institution.


You previously attended JSU, but did not attend during the previous fall or spring semester.


You are a non-US Citizen seeking an undergraduate degree. This excludes students graduating (or transferring) from a college or high school in the US.


You are interested in online degree programs and general education courses which allow students to conveniently earn a quality education and work toward achieving long-term career goals.


Learn about admissions for transient, non-degree seeking, dually enrolled, homeschooled, GED, and post-baccalaureate students. 

Undergraduate Admissions


Benjamin F Roberts Building, 2nd Floor

Mailing Address:

Jackson State University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
1400 John R. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17330
Jackson, MS 39217


Phone: 1-866-THEEJSU (866-843-3578)
Fax: 601-979-3445

Due to COVID-19, JSU is currently accepting legible unofficial high school transcripts in pdf format.  

Please upload your transcript and ACT or SAT scores via your application portal.

Students will be required to submit official transcripts prior to enrollment.