COVID-19 Resources

Legislation to Create ‘Health Force,’ ‘Resilience Force,’ and Expand Public Health Response to COVID-19

A Public Health Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Collaboration with the MS Department of Health (MSDH)

People of color disproportionately reside in densely populated metropolitan areas and are vulnerable to increased exposure to the coronavirus; 2. Higher rates of serious chronic health conditions make the coronavirus potentially more dangerous for these groups; and 3. Barriers in the health care system may prevent people of color from obtaining necessary care, so it is essential that we put the most vulnerable people at the center of these efforts. Jackson State University’s (JSU) response under the direction of the College of Health Sciences in collaboration with all other JSU Colleges and deans will provide a synergic response to the COVID-19 epidemic.  Find out more.

COVID-19 Resources