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College of Health Sciences

Allied Health Sciences building


Public Health Staff

Public Health Departments

Department of Communicative Disorders

Cecilia Tate
Clinical Secretary
Department of Communicative Disorders

Public Health Faculty

Department Of Behavioral And Environmental Health

Dr. Mary Shaw
Department Chair and Professor of Behavioral Health Promotion and Education
(601) 979-3103

Dr. Luma Akil
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health
(601) 979-3105

Dr. Sophia Leggett
Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health & MPH Program Coordinator
(601) 979-8846

Dr. Sheila McKinney
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Health Promotion and Education
(601) 979-3104

Dr. Angela Omondi
Visiting Assistant Professor of Behavioral Health Promotion and Education
(601) 979-8850

Department Of Communicative Disorders

Dr. Whitney Perkins
Interim Chair/Graduate Program Director
(601) 979-1433

Dr. Jennifer Wiles
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
& Audiologist/Clinical Assistant
(601) 979-8804

Ms. Kyla Bland-Mitchell
(601) 979-1270 / (601) 979-8002

Dr. Brandi Newkirk-Turner
Associate Professor of Communicative Disorders
(601) 979-1609

Ms. Sheri Ross
Administrative Assistant
(601) 979-1143

Dr. Dawn Stanley
Clinical Assistant Professor
(601) 979-8878

Ms. Kristy Taylor
Clinical Assistant Professor
(601) 979-1143

Dr. Laura Vaughan-Robinson
Associate Professor
(601) 979-1270

Department Of Epidemiology And Biostatistics

Dr. Marinelle Payton
Chair and Professor of Epidemiology
(601) 979-8817

Dr. Clifton Addison
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
(601) 979-8765

Dr. Azad Bhuiyan
Professor of Epidemiology
(601) 979-8794

Dr. Jung Hye S. Lee
Professor of Biostatistics
(601) 979-8792

Dr. Anthony Mawson
Professor of Epidemiology
(601) 979-8797

Dr. Vincent L. Mendy
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
(601) 979-3106

Dr. Amal Mitra
Professor of Epidemiology
(601) 979-8788

Dr. Zhen Zhang
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
(601) 979-8789

Department Of Health Policy And Management/ Healthcare Administration Program

Dr. Russell L. Bennett
Interim Department Chair
Associate Professor & DrPH Program Coordinator
Health Policy and Management
(601) 979-8822

Dr. Yalanda M. Barner
Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration
(601) 979-8821

Dr. Mustafa Younis
Professor of Health Policy and Management
(601) 979-8823


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The College of Health Sciences at Jackson State University is committed to providing advanced quality education. We provide a learning environment that supports interdisciplinary communication, development of professional public health concepts, values, and the resolution of healthcare issues. We prepare to be outstanding leaders and practitioners in professional careers in public health, healthcare administration, speech language pathology, communicative disorders, speech and hearing sciences, and social work.

Our Mission

The Mission of the College of Health Sciences is to provide quality teaching, research, and service to produce team-oriented leaders who think critically and address health and societal issues that impact quality of life and well-being in communities at the local, state, national and global levels.

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College of Health Sciences


College of Health Sciences
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