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Facilities and Construction Management

Site Care Services

Site Care provides services in the following areas:



For purposes of thoroughness and efficiency, campus grounds are maintained in zones and sub-zones:

North Zone

The North Zone of campus is comprised of all buildings north of the University Park Auditorium, the Pearl Street parking lot, and all grounds north of the Pedestrian Mall.

South Zone

The South Zone of campus is comprised of John A. Peoples Science Building and all grounds south of the Pedestrian Mall.

Presidential Complex

The Presidential Complex is comprised by the University Guest House, Botanical Gardens, and Faculty Apartments.




LandscapeOur landscaping team’s goal is to provide an urban green campus.  This includes landscaping design in addition to maintaining a beautiful learning environment for students, faculty, and staff. Landscaping provides the campus beautification of all interior and exterior plants, lawn maintenance, and the greenhouse. General services are by and large available at no charge; however some requests and/or events are subject to billing.



Athletic Fields

Athletic Field

Our technicians maintain six athletic fields:

  • New Baseball Field
  • Tennis Courts
  • Soccer Field
  • Softball Field
  • Football/Track & Field
  • Intramural  Field (Soccer Field)



Non-billable and billable services

Non-billable services include:

  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Irrigation/Sprinklers
  • Weed control/fertilization
  • Flowers, Shrubs and Trees

Billable services include:

  • Athletic Fields
  • Departmental Floral Arrangements
  • Special Event Assistance
  • Negligence/Vandalism Repairs
  • Barricades for Special Events



Requesting Services

If you notice broken tree branches, water irrigation leaks, bees or wasps or would like to request our service, please submit a work request.

  • To request services, please submit a detailed work request via the iService Desk.
  • For general questions about site care services, please call 601-979-2522.
  • Major university events (i.e., Commencement, Founders Day, etc.) may cause work orders to be delayed.
Facilities and Construction Management


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