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Daniel Hale Williams Scholars’ Proposals

PID/ Year Title Lead Author
“The association of obesity markers on CVD prevalence and incidence modified by physical activity: Jackson Heart Study” Vanessa Bland
P0611  (2014-2016) “Is goal-striving stress related to incident and prevalence of cardiovascular disease among Jackson Heart Study Participants?” Milton Dawkins
P0700 (2014-2016) “Racial Discrimination and Mental Health in the Jackson Heart Study: Age-Related Differences in Internalized Stress Responses and Their Impact on Depressive Symptoms” James Fisher
P0859 (2015-2017) “Age-related variations in obesity and diabetes correlates in the Jackson Heart Study” Lavonne Brown
P0631 (2015-2017) “Association between sleep and obesity in African Americans in the Jackson Heart Study” Trimella Jefferson
P0645 (2015-2017) “The effects of perceived discrimination and community violence exposure on the cardiovascular health of African Americans: Jackson Heart Study” Princeton Smith
P0971 (2016-2018) “Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cardiovascular Risk in Postmenopausal African-American Women: Jackson Heart Study” Taryn Ellis
P1103 (2016-2018) “The Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Medication Adherence in African Americans With Diabetes in the Jackson Heart Study” Bianca Pointer
P0905 (2016-2018) “Depression, perceived stress, and perceived discrimination as predictors of obesity among African American adult males: The Jackson Heart Study” Michael Ramsey
P1072 (2016-2018) “Genetic and Lifestyle factors that Modify Association of PNPLA3 on NOn-Alcoholic Hepatic Steatosis Among the Jackson Heart Study” Hannah Scott
P1323 (2018-2020) “Association of leisure-time physical activity with chronic kidney disease (CKD) among African Americans in Jackson Heart Study” Marcy Cage
P1263 (2018-2020) “The role of lipid biomarkers in predicting CVD in participants with Chronic Disease: Findings from the Jackson Heart Study” Kia Monique Jones
P1418 (2018-2020) “Menopause Status and Risk of CVD in Jackson Heart Study” Kierra Jones
P1491 (2018-2020) “Examining Social Support, Spirituality, and Coping Strategies’ Impact on Allostatic Load among African Americans in the Jackson Heart Study” Wynette Gerlane Williams-Kirkwood
P1542 (2019-2021) “Comparison between artificial intelligence and standard echocardiographic measures in detecting subclinical CVD in the Jackson Heart Study” Jerone Bronson
P1553 (2019-2021)
“Dietary Choline and Betaine in association with depressive symptoms amongst African Americans:Jackson Heart Stud”
Warren Jones
P1352 (2019-2021) “Social Determinants of Health: Measuring the Impact of Cultural Norms on Cardiovascular Disease Prevalence Among African American Adults in The Jackson Heart Study” Shelia Malone
P1493 (2019-2021) “Examining the Association of Healthy Food Inaccessibility with Cardiovascular Disease Risk as defined by Income and Location of Residence in the Jackson Heart Study” Alexandria Weaver
P1511 (2020-2022) “The relationship between hormone replacement therapy, psychosocial factors, non-psychosocial factors, and blood pressure among black women in the Jackson Heart Study” Raegan Bishop
P1554 (2020-2022) “Effects of Stress on Mortality in African Americans: The Jackson Heart Study” RaChaud Brown
P1696 (2020-2022) “Relationship between Stress, Depression and Alcohol Consumption in the Jackson Heart Study” Gabriel Gardner
P1552 (2020-2022) “Interaction between stress and genetic risk scores for type 2 diabetes susceptibility in African Americans Jackson Heart Study” Jasmine McNair
P1569 (2020-2022) “Cystatin C and the Incidence of Cardiovascular Events in the Jackson Heart Study” Marjada Tucker
 P1565 (2020-2022) “The Relationships among stress, serum cortisol levels, and incident coronary heart disease in African Americans:Jackson Heart Study” Ariel Wilson
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