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Department of Public Policy and Administration
College of Liberal Arts


PPAD is the historically principal unit at Jackson State University which educates persons primarily for careers in the fields of public management and policy analysis and for service in public, non-profit and “quasi-public” organizations. Concomitantly, it is also the mission of the Department to serve as a resource to the Jackson State community, the State of Mississippi, the nation and developing areas throughout the world.


                                            PhD Spring 2015 Graduate                              

                                                    Annie Rattler-Baker                                                                     

                                            PhD Fall 2015 Graduates                           

                                                         Claudine Gee                                                      

                                                     Ann Marie Myrick

                                                     Kayester Lee-Smith

                                           PhD Spring 2016 Graduate

                                                        Charles Carlisle

                                            PhD Fall 2016 Graduates

                                                    Anan Abu Hummour

                                                     Quentin D. Holmes

                                                      Dianne M. Hooker

                                                       Jason M. Pope

                                                      Edward D. Sivak

                                          PhD Spring 2017 Graduates

                                                       Alan P. Branson

                                                   Almesha L. Campbell


                                         MPPA Spring 2015 Graduates

                                                    Jeremy Armstrong

                                                    Linda W. Barnette

                                                    Clarence Byrd, III

                                                     Daisy D. Carter

                                                  Britani D. Johnson

                                                   James Thompson

                                       MPPA 2015 Fall Graduates

                                                   Tanya D. Reed

                                              Katherine Louise Smith

                                             Christian M. Patton Spann

                                      MPPA Spring 2016 Graduates

                                                  Cedric D. Coates

                                                  Marquita S. Davis

                                                  Prisca Patrick

                                                   Cass Randall

                                                   Jimmie Smith

                                                   Brian J. Wilks

                                        MPPA Fall 2016 Graduates

                                              Mohammad N. Alrefai

                                               Lashanda D. Bailey

                                                Ebony L. Bingham

                                                  Ashley D. Caples

                                                   Emmett Caston

                                                   Alla J. Frank

                                              Melissa L. Johnson

                                             Candace F. Miner

                                              Unekia N. Oatis

                                             Michael K. Spann

                                          Sonya Stokes-Greenleaf

                                     MPPA Spring 2017 Graduates

                                                Michael R. Bembery

                                                Tiare N. Chatman

                                                  Tina Collier

                                               Tangayika T. Hoover

                                                Martreace L. Jones

                                                Jonathan U. Oliver

                                                Shalonda S. Spencer

                                           Valerie Anne Steele-Clearman




Preparing Professionals

The MPPA program seeks to prepare students for significant professional and managerial positions in the public and non-profit sectors.  The curriculum is designed to equip students with the necessary skills of contemporary public management, provide a broad understanding of the role of administration in the policy process, and provide a sound foundation in ethics.  Thus, our MPPA program seeks to:

  1. Provide a cadre of highly trained individuals who are committed to the notion of public service in a variety of organizational settings;
  2. Develop advanced educational opportunities for students of public administration in an urban environment where a multiplicity of governmental opportunities, interactions and practices can be observed;
  3. Fill the need for public, quasi-governmental, and non-profit high-level executive management which exists in the State of Mississippi, the nation, and the world, particularly as this need relates to minorities and women; and
  4. Serve as a resource to the greater community.



The Master of Public Policy and Administration Program is designed to provide practical career-oriented training for persons seeking public service careers or for persons already employed in the many branches of public service. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the necessary skills of contemporary public management as well as to give them a broad understanding of the role of administration in the decision making process.

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


The future of public administration is strong and growing. Global, national and local problems require solutions from trained public administrators and policymakers.  It is the role of Jackson State University’s Public Policy and Administration programs to prepare the next leaders to devise and to manage much-needed solutions!


Department of Public Policy and Administration majors have a plethora of career options:

Forecasting Manager Real Estate Agent Policy Manager Policy Analyst
Management Consultant Economic Analyst Bank Officer Urban Planner







Student Organizations




For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-8783.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



Dept. of Public Policy and Administration
College of Public Service
Jackson State University
101 W. Capitol St. 
Jackson, MS 39201


(601) 979-8783 or
Gloria Billingsley, Associate Professor @ 601-979-8784 or
Johnny B. Gilleylen, Sr.Dept. Chair @ 601-979-8786