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Department of Public Policy and Administration
College of Liberal Arts


PPAD is the historically principal unit at Jackson State University which educates persons primarily for careers in the fields of public management and policy analysis and for service in public, non-profit and “quasi-public” organizations. Concomitantly, it is also the mission of the Department to serve as a resource to the Jackson State community, the State of Mississippi, the nation and developing areas throughout the world.

International Students


Jackson State University is home to many international students. Our graduate programs attract students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds from all over the world. A prospective student who is not a US citizen applying for admission to Jackson State University as a graduate student must apply for admission by March 1, for Fall enrollment; October 1, for Spring enrollment; and March 15, for Summer enrollment. Please contact us by email at: with any questions you may have concerning application and admission requirements.

General admission requirements

1. Application for Admission. Click here to access the Online Graduate School Application.

2. $25 application fee paid online or by cheque or money order. Applications will not be processed without payment of the application fee. Click here to pay online.

3. A satisfactory TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS score must be submitted or proof of successful completion of ESLI for all international student applicants from non-English speaking countries. Minimum Scores: TOEFL = 69; IELTS = 6.5

4. Certified, translated copies of all transcripts, mark sheets, and diplomas direct from all college(s)and universities attended. Transcripts must be sent directly to the Division of Graduate Studies.

Division of Graduate Studies
Jackson State University
1400 J. R. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17095
Jackson, MS 39217 USA

5. Certified Declaration of Financial Support on file in the Division of International Studies. Please contact the International Programs Office. or the International Programs Office 

Jackson State University
144 J. R. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17103
Jackson, MS 39217  USA

6. Immunization Records showing proof of immunization compliance for measles, mumps, and rubella, if born after Dec. 1957 are required. Click on the Health Services website for additional information. Immunization Records should be sent to:

Health Services Center
Jackson State University
1400 J.R. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17097
Jackson, MS  39217  USA
Telephone: 601-979-2260


Departmental requirements

1. Special application forms and materials are required for some departments with three letters of recommendation. Please visit the Department website for additional information. Click Departments for details.

2. Applicants must complete all departmental requirements prior to an admission decision.

Other requirements

1. The student will receive an I-20 document, issued from the International Programs Office, in order to apply for a student visa from their country of origin. Please visit the International Programs Office website.

2. Please contact an international admissions advisor in the Division of Graduate Studies at:, or the International Programs Office.



Sub-title for About paragraph

The MPPA program seeks to prepare students for significant professional and managerial positions in the public and non-profit sectors.  The curriculum is designed to equip students with the necessary skills of contemporary public management, provide a broad understanding of the role of administration in the policy process, and provide a sound foundation in ethics.  Thus, our MPPA program seeks to:

  1. Provide a cadre of highly trained individuals who are committed to the notion of public service in a variety of organizational settings;
  2. Develop advanced educational opportunities for students of public administration in an urban environment where a multiplicity of governmental opportunities, interactions and practices can be observed;
  3. Fill the need for public, quasi-governmental, and non-profit high-level executive management which exists in the State of Mississippi, the nation, and the world, particularly as this need relates to minorities and women; and
  4. Serve as a resource to the greater community.



The Master of Public Policy and Administration Program is designed to provide practical career-oriented training for persons seeking public service careers or for persons already employed in the many branches of public service. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the necessary skills of contemporary public management as well as to give them a broad understanding of the role of administration in the decision making process.

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


The future of public administration is strong and growing. Global, national and local problems require solutions from trained public administrators and policymakers.  It is the role of Jackson State University’s Public Policy and Administration programs to prepare the next leaders to devise and to manage much-needed solutions!


Department of Public Policy and Administration majors have a plethora of career options:

Forecasting Manager Real Estate Agent Policy Manager Policy Analyst
Management Consultant Economic Analyst Bank Officer Urban Planner







Student Organizations



For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-8783.  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



Dept. of Public Policy and Administration
College of Public Service
Jackson State University
101 W. Capitol St. 
Jackson, MS 39201


(601) 979-8783 or
Gloria Billingsley, Associate Professor @ 601-979-8784 or
Johnny B. Gilleylen, Sr.Dept. Chair @ 601-979-8786