Radiation Safety


This purpose of this site to provide information in the area of radiation safety with regards to policies, procedures, and regulations for Jackson State University. The Radiation Safety Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of a comprehensive radiation safety program to ensure the safe handling, storage, use, transfer, and disposal of radioactive materials, and radiation producing devices. The Radiation Safety Committee in correlation with Environmental Health and Safety is established to provide a quality radiation protection program for Jackson State University.

Radiation Safety Committee

Dr. Yadong Li, P.E., Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department  yadong.li@jsums.edu   601-979-1093

Dr. Danuta Leszczynska, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department  danuta.leszczynska@jsums.edu   601-979-1091

Dr. Huey-Min Hwang, Professor, Biology Department & Director, Environmental Science Masters Program  huey-min.hwang@jsums.edu 601-976-2595

Dr. Stephen I. N. Ekunwe, Professor, Biology Department  stephen.i.ekunwe@jsums.edu   601-979-3476

Dr. Fengxiang Han, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department fengxiang.han@jsums.edu  601-979-3487

Dr. Francis Tuluri, Professor, Industrial Systems and Technology Department  francis.tuluri@jsums.edu 601-979-8262

Dr. Remata S. Reddy, Professor, Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience Department  remata.s.reddy@jsums.edu  601-979-7012

Dr. Ezat Heydari, Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience Department  ezat.heydarilaibidi@jsums.edu   601-979-4230

Dr. Abu O. A. Khan, Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience Department ansarik@bellsouth.net   601-979-7012

Mr. Julius Green, Safety Manager, Facilities and Construction Management Department  julius.e.green@jsums.edu  601-979-2522

Mrs. Tracy Stapleton, Executive Director of Accounting, Financial Reporting and Compliance tracy.a.stapleton@jsums.edu 601-979-1366

Mrs. La Shinda Washington, Hazardous Materials Officer & Radiation Safety Officer, Division of Research & Federal Relations  lashinda.y.washington@jsums.edu  601-979-4315


Institutional Guidelines and Resources

Radiation Safety PDF

Hazardous Waste Disposal PDF

Mississippi Department of Health Inspection (March  2010) PDF

Mississippi Department of Health Inspection (January 2015) PDF