This section covers information that will be presented in 2 parts, Personal and Information.  There is a third security component that being Physical which covers construction standards, lighting, locks, CCTV, fencing, doors, vaults, etc. makes up a very small portion of the security requirement at JSU.  Consequently if you need advice or information regarding physical security please contact ORS via e-mail or telephone.


The main aspect of this section will focus on personal clearance levels or PCL.  For those obtaining a U.S. Government security clearance the following information is what you need to read:

U.S. Government Facility Access – Facility Visits

Access to federal government facilities may be virtual (electronically only); physical visit; or by residency as a sub-contractor, researcher, or student worker/intern. A Facility Visit Letter or JPAS Facility Visit from the FSO is required. 

For those of you requiring such access or perhaps an account to access a U.S. Government computer system, then a lower level of investigation is required.  This is taken care of by the Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions SF85P.  You will need to read the following:

General Information

Information security covers all media that is used to communicate; consequently it can be a laptop or desktop computer, a cell phone or pda.  Perhaps the largest impact for research is the DOD requirement for the protection of unclassified sensitive data at rest.  The memorandum requiring this is contained below as well as other tips for safeguarding information.