You may know exactly what you want to study, or you might not. Either way, we are here to help you as you pursue your goal of academic success. Academic advisors can help you make the right decisions in selecting a major and defining a path toward earning your degree. We can assist you in building your academic schedule, help you complete required forms and point you toward the resources you’ll need to get where you want to go.

Whether you’re looking for guidance in planning out how you’ll meet major and minor requirements, or help scheduling next semester, we can help. Additionally, we offer support with the registration process itself, and help if you find yourself on academic warning or probation. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you create the best schedule for you.

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H. T. Sampson Library

Advising Options

Get personalized advising to find solutions to whatever challenges you face in creating your academic schedule and path to graduation. Advisors are available in-person & virtually. Click below, then login with your JNumber & NetID.



Freshman Registration Info

0-29 HOURS

The freshman year sets a great foundation for your academic success.  Get familiar with your degree requirements, assigned academic advisor, and student engagement.  Learning about your campus can assist you with getting to class on time and utilizing the academic resources provided for you. Prepare to select and follow your chosen pathway. For more information about general education and pathway options click here:

Sophomore Registration Info

30-59 HOURS

Sophomores are encouraged to have declared majors and career goals.  If you do not, your academic advising session should be focused on assisting you with exploring and securing a major.  The advisor will assist you with completing your second year evaluation.  As you continue to explore career options you may find yourself interested in a minor.  

Junior Registration Info

60-89 HOURS

As a junior, you will begin completing advanced coursework in your major.  It is the opportune time to meet with your academic departments to discuss internship opportunities and start researching job requirements.  During your session you can prepare to evaluate your third year course requirements and begin preparing for senior year.

Senior Registration Info




As a senior, you will complete a pre-graduation clearance evaluation with your assigned faculty advisor.  Realistic plans with a tentative graduation date should be discussed and your courses should be registered accordingly.  Students should have resumes created and shared with department mentors and faculty as they prepare for graduation. 

New or Readmit Registration Steps

All Classifications

Step 1- Complete the admissions process with the Office of Admissions.
Step 2- Submit all official transcripts to the Office of Admissions.
Step 3- Complete the online orientation, for more information email
Step 4- Complete the Registration Request Form at the completion of the orientation process.
Step 5- Speak to an advisor about your course options!
Step 6- Complete Registration>>>Steps Here



Athletic Registration 


All Classifications


Malone Silver

Associate Athletic Director for Academics & Compliance

(601) 979-8880

  • Men’s Basketball
  • Football


JuWan Parker

Assistant Athletic Director for Academics

(601) 979-1358

  • Men’s Track
  • Men’s Cross Country
  • Women’s Track
  • Women’s Cross Country
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Baseball


Thomas Williams

Athletic Academic Advisor

(601) 979-1039

  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling


Veresia Yon 

Athletic Academic Advisor

(601) 979-5902

  • Equipment Managers
  • Men’s Tennis
  • Women’s Tennis
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Sports Trainers
  • Cheer


Student athletes should monitor their emails for correspondence from their assigned athletic advisor.  All undergraduate registration will take place with the Department of Athletics


JSU Online Registration


All Classifications


Dr. Keith Riley

Interim Director, JSUOnline

(601) 979-7090


Robin Marshall

JSUOnline Advisor/Retention Coordinator

(601) 979-7089

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Professional Interdisciplinary Studies/University Studies


Denetria Adams

Academic Advisor

(601) 979-0778

  • Business Administration
  • History


Takiya Wahhab

Academic Advisor

(601) 979-7090

  • Childcare and Family Education


Reginald Davis

Academic Advisor

(601) 979-7090

  • Criminal Justice
  • Industrial Technology-Emergency Technology



Find Your Success Team

Advising by Academic Division

Majors are grouped into academic divisions based on similarities in the inquiries they make into our world. Advisors are then assigned to each academic division. To find your advisor, look for your major in the academic divisions.

Self-Serve Advising Tools

Whether you are looking for a guided approach or just want to explore options on your own, we’ve got you covered.

Registration Instructions

Use these instructions to walk through course registration. 

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Choose A Major

Choosing a major can be a tricky decision. Check out our Degree Maps and tips for making these decisions. Also, find instructions on declaring or changing your major.

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Advising Resources


Find answers to common questions in our knowledge base of frequently asked questions.

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Do I have to see an advisor before I register?

Freshman- Juniors (0-89 Hours) must meet with a Student Success Advisor in the University Academic Advisement Center to register for your classes. Seniors will meet with an assigned Faculty/Department Advisor.  During the short (30 minute) meeting, you and your advisor will discuss your selected major, minor, and/or pathway  and courses you plan to take in the next semester(s).

When do I register for next semester?

Registration dates and times are assigned to students at various times during the registration period. You will be emailed your appointment scheduling link to select the day and time that is convenient for you. Registration continues until the last day to add a course of each semester, but there may be late registration fees assessed after the start of classes. Please refer to the university academic calendar to see these dates.

How do I register for classes?

Use the appointment scheduling link emailed to you from Student Success Advisors or login to EAB by using your JSU NetID and password click “Schedule an Appointment”. 

What classes should I take next semester?

The classes you take should be based on your intended academic plan you determined with your advisor during your previous advising meetings or in the registration meeting. Degree requirement information for each major and a description of courses can be found in your JSU PAWS account. What classes you take depends on your intended major, your semester classification, and the courses you still need in order to graduate.

What is a Registration Hold and how do I get it removed?

A registration hold prevents a student from registering for classes for the upcoming semester. Registration holds can be placed on a student for various reasons by Student Financial Services, the Student Health Center, Dean of Student Office, or other authorized individuals. A Registration Hold can only be removed by the party placing the hold. Your academic advisor can assist you in determining the source of the hold and directing you to the appropriate party to have it removed. To have your best selection of courses, you should check for holds in your Banner account well before your registration time begins.

What is a prerequisite?

Prerequisites are stipulations that must be met prior to taking a course. Prerequisites can include: successful completion of a designated course in a sequence, ACT/SAT score, and/or classification.

How can I tell if the courses I want to take will count toward my graduation requirements?

You may determine if a course you intend to take will count toward your degree by reviewing your degree requirements on your official Degree Map or by accessing your Degree Works audit.

Can my advisor add me to a class that is full?

No, departments/instructors make these decisions, so you will need to contact the department offering the course and/or the instructor teaching the course.

When Does Registration Open?

Priority is based on classification from hours earned. Students do not earn hours for the current semester until final grades are posted.  To view your classification you may look at your unofficial transcript overall earned hours or the view student information tab in JSU PAWS.