Welcome to Facilities & Construction Management!

Under the leadership of the Division of Business and Finance, the Department of Facilities and Construction Management’s (FCM) mission is to support and contribute to Jackson State University’s distinguished educational environment; through planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and maintaining facilities, physical space, and resources that are aesthetically appealing, efficient, and operate in optimum condition.

Service units in this department work closely with various campus departments and offices to provide administrators, faculty, staff, and students with a clean, safe, comfortable, and stimulating working and learning environment; attributes that support recruitment, retention and achievement on all levels.  


Quick Facts

  • We employ over 50 people who manage 220 acres
  • 2,167,519 square feet of E&G university space
  • 2,646,070 total gross square feet (E&G & Non-E&G space)
  • Over 55 buildings



Contact Information

833 Walter Payton Drive
P.O. Box 17460
Jackson, MS 39217

Phone: (601)979-2522
Fax: (601) 979-6408
Email: fcm@jsums.edu




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