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In an effort to provide the campus community with the highest level of service, the Department of Facilities and Construction Management (FCM) utilizes an online request system via our website (www.jsums.edu/facilities /also located at www.jsums.edu under iService Desk). Presently, this system is used by iService desk users and facility managers to enter service requests directly into the FCM work order system.  Once submitted and approved by facility managers and FCM staff, these requests can quickly be converted and prioritized into work orders. This system allows the customer to track and account for service requests in real time and will facilitate better communication between the customer and FCM.

FCM has implemented a new Work Order Priority List. This priority list shall be used to classify service requests within an appropriate time frame. This will allow FCM to better schedule and plan work assignments. All work orders will be prioritized into five (5) categories and will be reviewed daily by FCM personnel to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.

For your convenience, we have included the work order priority list.  This priority system will go into effect for current work orders within the system and all subsequent requests.

We need the support of our customer base; faculty, staff, and the campus community of Jackson State University (JSU) to make this program work effectively. It is our desire that this priority list will assist the camps community in understanding how work orders are scheduled and assigned.

Should you have any questions concerning these priorities, please feel free to contact the Customer Care Centers at 601-979-2522.


Work Order Priority List

All work orders will be prioritized into five (5) categories; one (1) being the lowest priority and five (5) being the highest.  Priority descriptions and classification examples have been provided below. Please review this information for an understanding of how work orders are prioritized.

PRIORITY 1 – DEFERRED: Service requests submitted for “special projects” can be prioritized as deferred, upon receipt of funding from the requesting departments. Alterations or additions required to accommodate experimental programs, revised teaching approaches, added functions, or reorganizations are considered special projects. Priority 1 also covers requests for departmental services. Scheduling of these requests will depend upon the availability of materials and/or trades after higher priorities are satisfied. These requests should be planned and submitted prior to when services are needed. Priority 1 includes, but is not limited to:

  • General Painting (Color Change)
  • Building/Departmental Signage (special requests)
  • Carpet removal and installation
  • Transportation Services
  • Installation of departmental furniture and/or equipment

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PRIORITY 2 – ROUTINE: Routine maintenance reflects the majority of requests for work received by Facilities & Construction Management (FCM) operations. This work is scheduled on a First-In/First-Out basis in coordination with pending scheduled work, including higher priority items and emergency work. Priority 2 includes, but in not limited to:

  • Lighting , as part of a group of lights
  • Outlet failure where working outlets still exist
  • Interior non-secured area doors
  • Minor leaks
  • Localized heating and cooling issues

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PRIORITY 3 –SIGNIFICANT: Service requests that are submitted to report electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and fixture related issues should be classified as significant and completed within 3-5 days. These items should also be tracked regularly to insure they are completed in a timely manner and the schedule should be updated to dedicate resources for completion. Priority 3 includes, but in not limited to:

  • General heating and cooling issues
  • Security lighting
  • Secured leaks or clogs
  • Floor and ceiling repair

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PRIORITY 4 –ASAP: Service requests that are submitted to restore essential services to the classroom, administrative offices, athletic and dining operations are classified as a Priority 4. This also includes special projects that are time sensitive. If the nature of the timing of the function depends on the work completion, the work order can be performed by the department. Priority 4 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conditions that present a potential safety or health issue that may become an emergency if not addressed within one work day
  • Heating or cooling affecting an area
  • Lock malfunctions (depending on the situation)
  • Loss of electrical power affecting a limited area; but not immediate activities
  • Improper lighting

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PRIORITY 5 –EMERGENCY: Service requests that are submitted to report conditions that affect the life, health or safety of members of the campus community or surrounding areas and/or immediately affect the continued performance of academic, student or administrative functions are classified as emergency. These situations will be handled immediately. Priority 5 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Major loss of building heat
  • Loss of power to all circuits in area (if one outlet of many is effected this should be classified as a lower priority)
  • Elevator malfunctions or failures
  • Fire and smoke
  • Continuous leaks that may result in damage to the facility or contents (if a leak can be contained it should be turned off, i.e. water source if drain is leaking; or mark the equipment as “out of order” if more are available). This will insure proper scheduling of work.
  • Broken windows or doors that cannot be secured for a “sensitive area” such as student records are.
  • Fire or emergency systems in state of alarm or limited function that must be returned to normal to insure safety of occupants. If area can be secured, a lower priority should be assigned and work scheduled.

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