Grade Policy for Graduate Students


  • Grading System
  • “In Progress, IP”
  • Incompletes
  • Repeating Coursework

Note: Each program, department or school may have standards above the general standards listed. The student should consult the major department and academic school for additional requirements.

Grading System

The student’s proficiency in the work of graduate course is rated in terms of letter grades. One semester of graduate credit represents one hour per week of class contact time for sixteen weeks. Grade point average is determined on a 4.0 scale. The following are letters used to determine to designate a student’s standing in a course.

A – Excellent 4 quality points
B- Good 3 quality points
C – Fair 2 quality points
D – Poor 1 qualithy point
F – Failure 0 quality points
I – Incomplete 0 quality points
IP – In Progress 0 quality points

No more than two “C” grades are allowed. A GPA of 3.00 must be maintained both in overall and in the student’s major area of concentration at the Master’s level.

In-Progress and Incomplete Grades

  1. The “IP” grade is to be assigned for Project, Thesis, Dissertation courses or independent study. The grade(s) for these courses should be assigned upon the successful defense of the Project, Thesis or Dissertation or completion of the independent study.
  2. When circumstances beyond a student’s control prevent the completion of a course satisfactorily, the student has two options. One is to withdraw, if the ‘drop’ deadline has passed. The other is to request a grade of incomplete, “I”, which allows a time extension. Such a request must be made before the semester ends and before the final exam and the granting of this privilege is entirely at the professor’s discretion.
  3. No more than two “I’s” are allowed at any time unless otherwise granted by the Graduate Dean.

Clearing the “I”

  1. If the student is in residence, the deficiency must be made up and the grade changed by the instructor within the first six weeks of the following semester.
  2. If the student is not in residence, the deficiency must be made up within one calendar year for the date the “I” was given.
  3. The professor is required to indicate on the grade sheet the grade the student would receive if the incomplete is not removed within the prescribed time period. If the student fails to complete the course within the specific time, the grade so indicated will be recorded at the grade of record.

Repeating Coursework

Students in graduate degree programs are permitted to repeat two (2) courses upon recommendation of the departmental graduate advisor. Only two petitions is allowed in a graduate program. Both grades will show on the transcript, and the second grade will be used in computing the grade point average (GPA).