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The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is that body which according to the recommendation of the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States is responsible for development and coordination of general policies and procedures for graduate programs and especially for the maintenance of uniform standards for the admission of students and for the awarding of graduate degrees. It is, therefore, the responsible body to recommend, initiate, develop, and approve graduate programs.

Acting with the Graduate Dean it may initiate plans for improvement of graduate instruction, set standards for the Graduate Faculty, and in general oversee the proper functioning of the Division of Graduate Studies.

The Graduate Council consists of a representative, usually the Department Chair, from each department and program offering graduate degrees. At the annual fall faculty seminar, an additional representative from each School is elected for one year by the assembled graduate faculty. The Graduate Dean also appoints for one or two year terms additional members from the faculty at large in order to insure balanced representation. Two graduate students are appointed by the Dean for one year. These representatives act in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the Division of Graduate Studies and are charged with the transmittance to their departments of the deliberations of the Graduate Council and are also charged to bring recommendations to the Council.

During the academic year the Graduate Council meets approximately once a month. Special meetings of the Council may be called by the Dean or by a majority of the Council members.

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