Graduate Student Association

Our mission is to provide graduate leadership, functioning as a community of scholars in which teaching, research, and service are instrumental keys in strengthening and guiding our futures. The Graduate Student Association maintains a commitment to provide the means for a responsible and effective graduate student enrichment experience.

While the Graduate Student Association utilizes the University's historical, cultural, human and physical resources to enhance professionalism, the GSA serves as a liaison between culturally and academically diverse graduate students and exists as a pillar of support for the graduate student environment.

GSA Leadership Team

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities to network with other graduate students, universities, corporations, community service groups and foundations
  • Exchange of scholarly ideas and goals with graduate students of similar interests and backgrounds
  • Become an advocate for the graduate student body that focuses on issues and concerns of graduate and professional students

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Leadership Team

Name: Kenneth Newsome

Position: President

Major: Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

From: Chicago, IL












Name: Symone Lawson

Position: Vice President

Major: Clinical Psychology

From: North Carolina 


Name: Md Imran Sarker

Position: Secretary

Major: Computer Science

From: Bangladesh


Name:Maqueba Massey

Position: Parliamentarian

Major: Entrepreneurship 

From: Nashville,TN

Email :

Name: Nicole Betson

Position: Director Membership Development

Major: Environmental Science

From : Belize

Email :



Ms. Deborah Washington,

Graduate Dean

Dr. Preselfannie W. McDaniels, Interim