Fact Books

The Jackson State University (JSU) Fact Book is an extensive report showing a full compilation of University data with the purpose of serving as a resource to the JSU community as well as the public at large.  All data contained within the Fact Books are a reflection of official fall census data and contains many other common data definitions put forth by the department of Institutional Research. Each annual fact book showcases the growth, progress, and a further refining process of the university. Click on the links below to review each of the following publications:

JSU Fact Book: 2016-2017  Interactive Version |  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: 2015-2016  Interactive Version |  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: 2014-2015  Interactive Version |  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: 2013-2014  Interactive Version |  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: 2012-2013  Interactive Version |  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: 2011-2012  Interactive Version  |  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: 2009-2010  Interactive Version  |  Download/Print PDF


Mini Fact Books

JSU Fact Book: Fall 2016  Download/Print PDF

JSU Fact Book: Fall 2015  Download/Print PDF