MJCPC-SABG  conducted a booth at Jim Hill High School for the One Fit JSU Community Health Fair event on May 15, 2015. The Health Fair had ten different vendors such as; One Fit JSU, JSU Health Center, JSU Recreation Complex Interdisplinary Alcohol and Drugs, Hinds Behavioral Health Services, Holmes Community College Nursing Program. Their were about 200 students in attendance.  All of students visited the ten health booths that were set up. There was also a cooking demonstration on eating healthy foods and wellness assessments were given. The students also visited the MJCPC-SABG booth and enjoyed the activities that were set up such as; the DUI course and the alcohol prevention wheel spin the bottle. The students had fun but also learned the importance of wellness.

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Who:  LEL Meeting – Troop D

What:  Click it or Ticket it event

When:  May 13, 2015

Where:  Greenwood, MS at Walmart 

You don't get a second chance to make your voice heard. In real life there are no do-overs, which is why cops are out there enforcing seat belt laws. 

Gwood click it

Gwood click it2

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Velesha P. Williams, director of Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition (MJCPC), has been awarded the Herbert L. Loving Award of Excellence.

Velesha P. Williams, director of Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition (shown with Herbert L. Loving), has been awarded the Herbert L. Loving Award of Excellence.

Velesha P. Williams, director of Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition (shown with Herbert L. Loving), has been awarded the Herbert L. Loving Award of Excellence.

The award was conferred during an awards luncheon the 8th Annual Mississippi School for Addiction Professionals held in Hattiesburg, Miss., on April 9.

The Loving Award is given to individuals who have exemplified excellence in their work and actively contributed innovative and progressive ideas to the field of substance use prevention or treatment, according to the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, sponsor of the school.

MJCPC is under the Jackson State University Office of Community Engagement.

This is not the first time Ms. Williams has been recognized for her contributions to the prevention field. She was selected as the 2014 Prevention Professional of the Year by the Mississippi Association for Addiction Professionals.

The purpose of Community Engagement is to extend the resources of JSU to the community.  The intent is to facilitate the creation of a seamless and mutually beneficial relationship between the university and the Jackson metro area.

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MS Delta Region Impaired Driving Initiative – conducted a DUI prevention presentation


Date: April 23, 2015

Time & Location:  10:30am  

 Who was invited:  Coahoma C.C and Coahoma County - general public










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MJCPC partnered with MVSU to recognize Alcohol Awareness Month.  The idea was to give the students of MVSU information on DUI prevention.  This effort was set into place in order to help students discuss about DUI and/or other drugs that some could be dealing with.  The MVSU Counseling Services was available also, to inform students of their services if anyone needs their services.

MVSU pic

MVSU pic1

MVSU pic2


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Who:  Greenwood High School & Greenwood Police Dept. 

What:  Health Fair

When:  April 10, 2015

Where:  Greenwood H.S.


Gwood HS pic Gwood HS pic1

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What:  Holmes County community event -

In a bid to prevent alcohol-related incidents, Jack son State University and Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition, (MJCPC) is encouraging people to drink sensibly, in moderation and know their own limits (under 21 =N/A – over 21 =.08%) It’s a major awareness initiative led by MS Office of Highway Safety, JSU/MJCPC and its partners to raise awareness of the problems created through binge drinking at parties or holiday events. New Year's day and sports related events traditionally see an increase in this type of problem because it is when people sometimes have ‘one too many’ during the festivities.


Remember “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving”

HCC rally

HCC rally1

HCC rally7

HCC rally3



When:  April 7, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

Where: Homes C.C.  

 Who's event for:  General public 

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Who:  Greenville High School students

What: School presentations

When: April 1, 2015

Gville HS pic

Gville HS pic1


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DUI prevention event in Sharkey County, MS

March 27th, 2015 by mjcpc

Remember “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving”




When:  March 26, 2015 @ 1 pm

Where: Sharkey County Children Village  

 Who's event for:  General public 

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St. Patrick’s Day Mocktail Event

March 19th, 2015 by mjcpc

Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition (MJCPC) staff and Peer Educators served Mocktails to the students of Jackson State University (JSU) on March 17, 2015 at the JSU Student Center on the 2nd floor in the Commuter lounge area.  As a part of our Saint Patrick's Day Mocktai Event its purpose was to educate our students about the dangers and the profound effects of alcohol and underage drinking. MJCPC staff and peers gave out St. Patrick's Day push cards with messages and stats concerning alcohol.  MJCPC staff served over a 100 students.


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