About Us

The Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) was authorized through Mississippi Senate Bill 2720, which was passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 1983. The operation of MURC was funded by legislative appropriation in July 1994. Since that time, MURC has established itself as a leader in providing research-based assistance to address the urban community's unique problems through data research, interpretation and dissemination.

The Mississippi Urban Research Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life through basic and applied research into problems which plague urban communities and to making available the results of this research to private groups, public bodies and public officials. MURC fulfills its mission by providing critical data to urban planners, policy makers, service providers and the lay community. Its commitment to improving the quality of life in Mississippi is demonstrated by offering the widest possible dissemination of research and the greatest possible opportunities for public scrutiny and interpretation of collected data.

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