Contractual Services

The Contractual Services unit is comprised of a certified staff with a wide range of professional experiences. The unit provides evaluation services and offers a broad range of  evaluation, data collection and analysis services that can be tailored specifically for current and proposed projects.  These services include:

Data Management and Mining
Original and secondary data collection, data input and/or analysis, management, tracking and prediction of information within large databases, are performed using a variety of computer programs, languages, database management and mining software.

Needs Assessment and Analysis
Current and existing conditions are assessed by gathering data which is analyzed statistically to establish priorities based on the ability to meet needs and the availability of resources.

Program Evaluation
Evaluation plans can be developed and  implemented for programs. Implementation strategies and delivery of services are assessed, cost efficiency determined and program outcomes identified.

Statistical Analysis Laboratory
The laboratory provides access to multi-station computers and printers, technical assistance and in-house data analysis.

Telephone/Mail Survey Research Laboratory
Services include telephone surveys, focus group and face-to-face interviewing, as well as mail surveys. Six computer-assisted interview stations are equipped with WinQuery and WinCross software. All phases of the mail survey process are offered: questionnaire design, printing, mailing, data entry of returned surveys, data analysis and report-writing.

Urban Issues Data Repository and Clearinghouse
Research publications and other materials are available for review and may be borrowed.

To request any of the above services or specially tailored services, please complete a MURC Services Request Form by clicking on the link below.

MURC Services Request Form