Speech Communications & Theatre


Dr. Mark Henderson, Department Chair

The primary mission of the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre is to provide educational, cultural, and training experiences that enable students to fulfill their potential to become educated and refined individuals. Secondly, we seek to promote the acquisition of new knowledge through scholarly activity and scientific research. Thirdly, we are concerned with dissemination and use of knowledge. The primary roles of the Department are teaching, research, and service. The teaching role is fulfilled by promoting scholarship and creative works through its undergraduate degree programs Departmental faculty is committed to preparing students to be knowledgeable citizens in the 21st century and to integrate life-long learning into their professional experiences. Research is an integral part of the instructional programs allowing opportunities for faculty and students to discover and disseminate critical knowledge relative to their fields of study and fostering critical thinking in student-centered programs of study. Service to the university and the community is woven into students' academic experience to ensure practical training and instill a sense of civic responsibility and satisfaction in enhancing the quality of life in the community and state. The Department of Speech Communication and Theatre offers education, concentration, and training experiences in speech communication, and theatre.