Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office creates opportunities and provides services to enhance student success in both academic and non-academic areas. The Dean of Students  Office advises individual students and student groups; provides co-curricular educational opportunities for students; formulates and implements campus policies related to student rights, responsibilities, and behavior; receives all referrals regarding alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct, and facilitates programs for the promotion of health and safety. The office also serves as a liaison between students, faculty and staff, parents, and members of the general public.

The Dean of Students Office, is located on the 3rd Floor of the JSU Student Center. 

   Housing/Residence LIfe  Student Conduct and Community Standards    
Latasha Norman Center Student Center Operations  
Veterans & Military Center | University Health Center 

Housing/Residence Life
The JSU Housing Department works to create an environment that is conducive to living and learning, fosters an appreciation for diversity in all students, as well as building a sense of community and belonging. Currently, seven residence halls accommodate more than 2,000 students who wish to reside on campus. Housing/Residence Life is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the residence halls as well as all activities that occur in residence life.

Student Conduct and Community Standards 
Jackson State University's Student Conduct process strives to operate as an integral part of contributing to Jackson State University’s motto, “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives,” by upholding University standards of student conduct and academic integrity through an objective process. Student Conduct and Community Standards works with the University community to educate students about their rights and responsibilities as stated in the Jackson State University Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.

Latasha Norman Center for Counseling and Disability Services
The Latasha Norman Center for Counseling and Disability Services is a short-term student support service and is committed to working with JSU students experiencing certain adjustment challenges as they matriculate through their academic program and college experience. The mission is to provide services and activities that can assist JSU students as they transition and seek assistance with building their problem-solving skills, managing relationships and becoming more independent and confident.

The Center is located on the 2nd Floor of the JSU Student Center.  For more information, call 601-979-0374.

Student Center Operations
Student Center Operations includes oversight of the JSU Student Center and Reddix Hall, both of which are home to various departments that offer an invaluable number of resources to the campus and surrounding community, including retail outlets and meeting spaces.

Jackson State University Veterans & Military Center    
The Center’s  mission is to improve and enhance the success of student veterans, service members and dependents through the development and implementation of outreach programs designed to provide student support services focused on the special needs and requirements of today’s military student. 

University Health Center
The JSU Health Center provides therapeutic and preventive care and a variety of outpatient medical services for the care of acute and sub-acute conditions, illnesses and injuries for Jackson State University students, faculty and staff.  The Student Health Center provides active health promotion, health protection and disease prevention services and promotes healthy lifestyles, and the prevention of diseases in the physical, emotional and social areas.