The College of Business Vision

The College of Business seeks to be recognized for having a positive impact on the lives of our students, successful career progression of our faculty, and contributions to the prosperity of the local community, Metro Jackson, and the State of Mississippi.
We will achieve our vision through offering unique educational opportunities and rigorous academic standards in the classroom, providing a supportive environment for faculty to excel in teaching and service, promoting relevant, high quality and highly impactful scholarship, and contributing to the economic development of the region and the state through national and global partnerships with educators and business owners.

The College of Business Mission Statement

The College of Business provides an undergraduate and graduate management education to a student body that is growing in diversity, by serving students from the southern region, expanding our national presence, and with growing emphasis serving international students. We focus on students and families who value the HBCU educational experience and on educating those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our faculty, serving at the only major urban university in the State of Mississippi, actively engage in research and value excellence in the classroom as they prepare our students to provide creative business-centered solutions that promote economic and social advancement in local and national economies. The College produces ethical, technologically advanced, and globally aware business leaders.


Our Core Values:
InternationalizationWe value internationalization to prepare students for a competitive global environment.
Teaching and Learning with TechnologyWe value the role of technology in student learning and career preparation.
Student EngagementWe value student engagement in academics, extra-curricular activities, and community service.
Educational and Professional ExcellenceWe value educational and professional excellence, integrating conceptual and practical knowledge across disciplines.
Mutually Beneficial Internal and External PartnershipsWe value mutually beneficial partnerships, both within and outside the university community.
Communication and TransparencyOur partnerships are characterized by communication and transparency.
Faculty ScholarshipWe value faculty scholarship to benefit our students’ education and career paths.
Student Success in a Personal Learning EnvironmentWe provide a personal learning environment that contributes to students’ academic and professional success.