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College Of Business


Office of the Dean

Dr. Fidelis Ikem, Dean

(601) 979-2411

Dr. Sheila Porterfield, Associate Dean

(601) 979-2411

Mrs. Mable Easley, Executive Assistant

(601) 979-2411

Mrs. Jennifer Steele, Special Coordinator

(601) 979-2686

Ms. Monica Williams, Administrative Assistant

(601) 979-2411

Department of Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Bobbie Daniels, CPA,  Interim Chair, Associate Professor of Accounting

(601) 979-2708

Dr. Donald Causey, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

(601) 979-3326

Mr. Larry Day, Instructor of Finance

(601) 979-2607

Dr. Lydia Didia, CPA,  Assistant Professor of Accounting

(601) 979-2414

Ms. Lori Liddell, CPA, Instructor of Accounting

(601) 979-2707

Ms. Candias Maiden, CPA, Instructor of Accounting

(601) 979-2699

Mr. Mahmoud Nabulsi, CPA, Instructor of Accounting

(601) 979-4276

Dr. Nizar M. Alsharari, Associate Professor of Accounting

(601) 979-2331

Dr. Sharon Simmons, Associate Professor of  Entrepreneurship

(601) 979-2414

Dr. Geungu Yu, Professor of Finance

(601) 979-2619

Department of Business Administration (Economics, Management, Marketing)

Dr. Chali Nondo, Chair, Associate Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2534

Dr. Fidel Ezeala-Harrison, Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2604

Dr. Okechuku D. Anyamele, Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2452

Dr. Jean-Claude Assad Associate Professor of Economics

(601) 979-1873

Dr. Edith Davidson, Associate Professor of Marketing

(601) 979-1309

Dr. Hyonsong Chong, Associate Professor of Management Information Sys

(601) 979-2974

Dr. Dal Didia,  Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2606

Dr. Maury Granger, Professor of Economics

(601) 979-2679

Dr. Hyunseob Kim, Assistant Professor of Management

(601) 979-1367

Mrs. Saundra Thompson McFarland, JD, Associate Professor of Business Law

(601) 979-1088

Dr. Palaniappan Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of Marketing

(601) 979-1265

Dr. Joann White, Assistant Professor of Management

(601) 979-2981

Dr. Intaher Ambe, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

(601) 979-1298

Dr. Young Rhee, Assistant Professor of Management

(601) 979-1860

Dr. Sadia Khan, Associate Professor of Marketing

(601) 979-1211

Ms. Tasha Fogg, Administrative Assistant

(601) 979-2534

Graduate Business Office

Dr. Nizar M. Alsharari, Director

(601) 979-4326

Ms. Deborah Haymon, Administrative Assistant

(601) 979-1210

Small Business Development Center

Mr. Rickey Jones, Director

(601) 979-1100

Women’s Business Center 

Mr. Sydney Brown, Director

(601) 979-416

Center for Academic and Professional Success

Ms. Jacqueline Triplett-Spires, Coordinator, Student Advising & Retention Services

(601) 979-1060

COB College Success Advisors

Ms. Lamarsha Lewis

(601) 979-6331

Ms. Wynell Odom-Smith

(601) 979-3327

Our Vision

The College of Business seeks to be recognized for having a positive impact on the lives of our students, successful career progression of our faculty, and contributions to the prosperity of the local community, Metro Jackson, and the State of Mississippi.
We will achieve our vision through offering unique educational opportunities and rigorous academic standards in the classroom, providing a supportive environment for faculty to excel in teaching and service, promoting relevant, high quality and highly impactful scholarship, and contributing to the economic development of the region and the state through national and global partnerships with educators and business owners.

College Of Business


College of Business
1400 John R. Lynch Street
Jackson, MS 39217-0280

Phone: 601.979.2411