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The Master of Music in Music Education degree is designed for the teacher who desires to continue developing musicianship skills, develop deeper into the foundations of music education, and focus on areas of teaching. In addition to foundational graduate courses, specific Music Education courses may be taken according to the student’s area of expertise and teaching. Completion of this degree program will give students the knowledge and skills necessary to become educational leaders in the elementary or secondary schools or to continue study in leading doctoral programs throughout the country.

Master of Music Education Degree with emphases in: • Elementary School Music Education • Secondary School Music Education (choral, instrumental, general) • Junior College Music Education (choral, instrumental, general) • Comprehensive Music Education (combined, integrated areas of study)

Admission requires a music degree and an audition. Placement tests in music theory and history will help plan your first semesters of study.

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Master of Music Education Curriculum Sheet 

Course Offerings

EDFL 514 Elementary Statistics 3 Credits

EDFL 515 Methods of Educational Research 3 Credits

EDFL 568 Curriculum Methods 3 Credits

MUS 511-534 Music Education 

MUS 540- 545 Music Theory

MUS 560-573 Music History 

MUS 591- 596 Applied Music 

MUS 575 Thesis Writing