Programs of Study

The Jackson State University Department of Music offers students the opportunity to study with gifted, nationally and internationally recognized faculty while pursuing their undergraduate or graduate music degrees.

The Department of Music offers the following degree:

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Technology
  • Bachelor of Music in Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies
  • Master of Music Education


Undergraduate students may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Music Degree in a specialized area. Students choosing a career path in the Bachelor of Music Degree may specialize in one of the areas of emphasis: music education, music performance, jazz studies, or music technology.


Note: due to the interruptions in testing opportunities caused by COVID-19, the requirement for GRE test scores for admission to graduate degrees in Music Education,  has been temporarily suspended.

Master of Music Education students can pursue emphases in Elementary School, Secondary School (Choral, Instrumental, General), Junior College (Choral, Instrumental, and General and Comprehensive (Combined Integrated Areas of Study).  These emphases in music education are designed for students who wish to pursue advanced study in preparation for university teaching, research, and other leadership roles in music education.


Elementary School Music Education • Secondary School Music Education (choral, instrumental, general) • Junior College Music Education (choral, instrumental, general) • Comprehensive Music Education (combined, integrated areas of study)

For more information regarding the Master of Music degree in music education, click here.


Immunization Requirements (URGENT):

All students admitted to Jackson State University are required to submit proof of having received two immunization shots for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) in order to complete registration for classes.

If an applicant has already been admitted and plans to attend the University as a first-time student (undergraduate, graduate, or transfer), he/she must submit a copy of the required immunization record to the University Health Center prior to registration for courses.

Students who have been admitted but do not submit the required immunization verification will be unable to complete registration for classes in the school’s computer enrollment system. Please see further immunization information at the link provided.